Politicians Use Group Texting…. Should You?

The other day I was driving around running errands, and like always, I was BLASTING NPR on the radio. 😉

Imagine my surprise when Robert Siegel, the host of “All Things Considered” talking about text message marketing! And specifically, how politicians were using text messaging in todays political races.

My favorite part was what happened when Hillary Clinton sent a text message to Nicole… her reaction was probably shocking – for people who don’t know about the power of text marketing!

I knew Texting was powerful… but I had no idea it’s becoming the go-to communication medium for our elected officials.

I probably shouldn’t be surprised… but I was.

Instead of listening to me blabber on about how you should use text marketing in your own business, I encourage you to listen to this NPR episode. It’s a great rundown of how group texting is helping politicians connect… and get out the vote.

Regardless of your political leanings, you’ll find it interesting and informative…

Then, when you finish listening, I want you to think about how you might use Group Texting in your own business!

Here’s the link to the NPR show…

If the player doesn’t work, you can visit the site for the audio…


You Can Get the Transcript On Group Texting By Politicians Here…


Happy Listening.