Shortcodes, Longcodes And 1-800 Numbers

March 5, 2020 Industry News

You’ve probably heard the rumors… Shortcodes are going away.

It’s not quite 100% true.

In 2020, there are a number of changes happening to shortcodes.

Here are the facts.  

Over a year ago, AT&T came out and said they don’t like it when people share shortcodes.  Especially businesses…

I guess their kindergarten teacher never taught them to share!

So, the rumors started… shortcodes are going away.

The reality is shortcodes are changing… not going away.

You’re not supposed to use a shared shortcode.  If you do, one day you could wake up and discover your messages blocked.  Or worse, your shortcode banned.

If you’re a high volume sender… and by high volume, I mean hundreds of thousands or millions of messages a month… then reach out.  I’ll help you get a shortcode all your own.

But, if you’re sending fewer messages…

You need another way.

I’ve got two suggestions… actually three.

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First, if you’re sending a very small number, just get a single longcode.  (A longcode is a fancy way of saying phone number!)

Second, if you’re sending more than a small number of text messages every day… consider getting MULTIPLE longcodes.  We can rotate the outbound messages across the multiple longcode numbers.  

Need three or five, or TEN longcodes… no problem, we’ve got you covered.


Need 200 longcodes – Yep we can do that too!

Your third option is to look at 1-800 numbers.

The Big Phone Carriers now allow us to send higher volumes with 1-800 numbers.

The only catch.  They charge more for the 1-800 numbers!

There’s always a catch right!?!

Anyway, I’m ready to help you pick the perfect setup for your text marketing needs…If you need some clarification, or just want to chat about your options, just reach out to us at, and we’ll help you figure all this stuff out!

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