Betwext Pro For High Volume Senders

Betwext Dedicated and Shared Short Codes, PRO Rotating and Pooling Texting Technology.

Pro is designed to meet the needs of clients that want to send to more than 500 text messages at once using our long code number rotating texting technology. Betwext Pro has revolutionized the way in which business owners are able to send large volume repeated marketing messages to their opt-in subscribers while minimizing carrier filtering.

Betwext Pro distributes your outbound messaging traffic evenly across multiple phone numbers to help you handle higher messaging volume for your opt-in subscribers. With multiple numeric sender IDs and random rotation software our system is designed to pool and optimize long code deliverability while keeping each message at one send per second. When a message is sent, the from number is selected from among your texting numbers not currently being used to send a message.  Pro also offers Add-On text validation services. The service helps you identify an unknown caller’s name, their demographics, including age range and gender, social information, and address where possible. It also provides phone details, including line-type, carrier, and pre-paid status.  Add On services are an additional cost per look up

Short Code Options

The world of business messaging is changing and the carriers are now redefining the way businesses send messages.  The change is starting in 2019.  Shared short codes are slowly beginning to sunset however, dedicated short codes and ten digit long code messaging will be a new sanctioned way to send messages. Betwext has been offering this for over 10 years but now the carriers are beginning to sanction 10 digit long codes which will help your messages get to the end user!

Shared short code rates are starting to fall and  Betwext will be offering you a chance to  lease your own dedicated 5-6 digit short code for high volume messaging,  If you decide on a dedicated Short Code, typically you’ll need to budget $800-1000 per month, plus messaging usage fees.


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Betwext Texting Pro Rotating Number Technology

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