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Dedicated text number, unlimited contacts/groups, sms enabled, and three keywords. Ideal for small businesses or events.

  • Dedicated Texting Number
  • No Contracts/Setup Fees
  • 3 Keywords
  • 2 Cents/Text Message
  • Set Date and Time To Send
  • Upload Unlimited Contacts
  • Mobile Responsive App
  • Signup Form Widgets
  • Mobile Campaign Tools
  • Professional 24/7 Online Support
  • USA and CDN Coverage
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Unlimited keywords, sms/mms enabled, and individual reply features. Ideal for all sized growing businesses or events.

  • All Silver Features +
  • Unlimited Keywords
  • MMS Sending Enabled (Picture/Video)
  • 2 Cents Per Text
  • 4 Cents Per MMS
  • Extended Text Options(450 characters)
  • Individualized Response Capability
  • Email Notification Options
  • Dynamic Notification System
  • Timed Drip/Follow Up Campaigns
  • Voicemail Enabled (Text or Call)


High volume sending with five and ten number rotation technology. Ideal for large senders, agencies & expert marketing companies delivering more than 500 messages at a time.

$59 & $99/month
  • All Gold Features +
  • High volume sender capability
  • Five and ten number rotation technology
  • Whitepages PRO, Next Caller, and Carrier Look Up Add Ons Available
  • Customized Loyalty Rewards
  • Virtual Punch Card
  • API Access
  • Birthday Notification System
  • Customized Setup Help
  • Dedicated Account Representative
  • Customized Campaign Support
  • Business Consulting Options
  • Contact: pro@betwext.com
  • Call/Text 1-480-699-3360

Pricing FAQs

1. What is the cost for the service, per message?

Prices are 2 cents per standard text message incoming or outgoing. Prices are 4 cents per MMS (picture/video) messages. MMS is only available upon request for Gold Plan Members. Contact us with questions at (888) 885-4384 phone number or support@betwext.com for bulk pricing.

2. Is there a contract or monthly fee?

There is no monthly contract however, we offer low monthly subscriptions (see pricing page). This secures your unique number and provides your selected plan’s keywords.

3. How many messages can I send in a day?

For long code plans above, we recommend you not send more than a few thousand messages per day. It is also recommended that you break up your sends into smaller groups over time. If you’re hoping to send out several thousand or more messages at a time you’ll want to contact us to look into our short code options and premier number pooling plan.  You can reach us at support@betwext.com

4. Do you offer refunds on purchased credits?

Unfortunately we do not offer refunds on purchased credits since we offer this service at an exceptionally low price.

5. Do purchased credits expire?

So long as you continue to pay your monthly subscription fee your purchased credits do not expire. Accounts that are inactive more than 90 days are subject to deactivation and removal of credit.

7. Will you notify me if my credit card expires or my account balance gets low?

Yes, you will normally be notified by email.

8. What happens to my account if the balance goes negative or to zero?

If you hit a zero balance/negative balance we will still charge your account til the end of the current monthly cycle at which point the account will be frozen. Inactive/Frozen accounts after 90 days are normally terminated.

9.Is auto-recharge an option?

Yes, when you sign up you’ll be defaulted to auto-recharge your account. Please visit your account profile to modify this

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