Updated Plans and Pricing

Please note GOLD and SILVER Plans are no longer supported.  Over the next few weeks we’ll no longer be allowing access to these plans so please read the information below so we can best assist you.

If you need access to your platform you can login temporarily here


Please visit our new plans here or read the information below about moving to our long code pro plan


Here’s how to move your plan to Betwext PRO

As some of you might know, we haven’t changed our pricing in over 7 years. And now we’re able to reduce your texting fees and add fantastic new value to your experience.

  • Texting prices on our new plans are now reduced from 2 cents to 1 cent per sms and from 4 cents to 2 cents per mms
  • The new Plus and Premier Plans INCLUDE monthly Texting (better overall value)

Over the years, Betwext has evolved significantly. Thanks to your feedback we’ve learned a ton about where our customers find value and the tools necessary for sms and mms marketing. Here’s what we’ve done:

  • New mobile responsive user interface. Simply save/bookmark the web URL on your smartphone (no app needed)
  • Amazing new features, tracking, and engagement tools (visit the overview video HERE )
  • Simplified monthly billing for the designated plan and add as many anytime credits as you like at 1 cent per sms
  • Improved customer video and live support on all tiers
  • New tools and ways for customers to grow with us, without always having to switch platform

GOLD and SILVER plan holders to migrate to your NEW platform here’s all you need to do:

  1. Signup HERE be sure to use the same email you used with your GOLD or SILVER account and pick the plan that’s best for you from the list above. If you’d like to know more about the short code plan add on please email support@betwext.com
  2. Follow the steps to authorize your account (adding your credit card is necessary as it is a new platform) and proceed to the manage numbers option. Rather than selecting a new texting number simply reach out to us at support@betwext.com with the subject NEW PLATFORM SIGNUP COMPLETE.
  3. From here we’ll help with the rest of your migration.  This includes: moving your lists, adding your unsubscribes, adding your keywords, moving funds and applying credit where needed from your existing account, and moving your text number to the new platform.

We’ll work quickly (normally overnight) to have your system ready to go.  We’ll also leave your legacy GOLD or SILVER account open in case you need to migrate anything manually.

Legacy PRO Users (those paying 2 cents per text and 4 cents per MMS) simply reach out to us at support@betwext.com with the subject LEGACY PRO. and we’ll adjust your pricing! This adjustment is normally made the same day!

Non profits and Cause Organizations please follow the steps above but from www.givingtext.org

Thanks for your continued business with Betwext.


Marketing Manager