Whitepages PRO and Next Caller Identity Solutions

Validate, Enhance, and Filter Your Text Leads Prior to Sending.

Exceed The Return On Your SMS Texting Investment.

Whitepages Pro (obtain end user phone/sms name, demographics, address, and more), Next Caller (obtain all of the features listed for Whitepages plus social and extended demographics), Carrier Lookup (identifies landline or cell) are new Add-on service data offerings. Add-ons are available to Betwext Pro customers and are a great addition to your rotating multi-number delivery system. The technology was built to simplify, accelerate, engage, and enhance your opportunity to convert opt-in text communications  through verifiable rich data intelligence. White Pages Pro is a leading provider of global identity solutions focused on phone numbers and contact information. With the largest and most up-to-date data in the industry, Whitepages Pro delivers the best insights and coverage to identify and validate customers who impact your business.

The Whitepages PRO, Next Caller, and Carrier Look Up Add Ons are available on the Betwext PRO platform https://pro.betwext.com   Get accurate phone/sms name, demographics, address, social media and more. Text/Caller Identification helps you identify an unknown caller’s information so you can better close a deal.

Accurate Caller ID

Get the full name behind the number. Whitepages Pro offers over 600 million phone-to- name linkages with unmatched mobile coverage.

Demographic Details

Access gender and age-range data in real-time to optimize the customer experience.

Detailed Phone Data

See phone details in addition to name and demographic data, including line-type as mobile, landline, fixed/nonfixed VoIP, premium, international or toll-free number, carrier, and more.

Real-time Results

Simply upload your list (csv Windows format preferred including column headers), Betwext will  process the upload then send you a new list with validation information and more details about the number(s) you’ve submitted. Normally this process happens in minutes. You can then take the new processed list and utilize the valuable data for your text campaigns and sales funnel.

Caller Identification Person Details

Caller Identification Person Details include a single person or business entity associated with this phone number. If the phone belongs to a person, this will include name, age range, and gender. If the phone belongs to a business, this will include the business name.

To Activate Add-ons send an email to pro@betwext.com

How To Activate The Add-ons Scrub List Features

1.  Prepare your opt-in subscriber list by saving your opt-in subscribers in a csv file (Windows format).  Be sure to insert the header phone_number  You can also include other fields such as name and email.

2. In your PRO account go to Subscribers and Lists on the top navigation then look for Scrub List in the sub navigation. Select the type of Add-on you’d like (example White Pages or Basic Carrier Look Up).  Simply upload your list and wait for it to process. Be sure to wait until the completion of the process before selection other options.

3. Once complete, a new file titled “scrubbed_list”  will appear. The file will include the content you’ve already uploaded and will also append the additional information available from White Pages Pro or the Add On you’ve selected to your spread sheet.

Example of output

With a newly appended list you can now identify an unknown caller’s name (or cross reference it with the name you’ve assigned), their demographics, including age range and gender, and address. It also provides phone details, including line-type, and carrier. The appended list can help businesses by scrubbing out land lines prior to the first text send, validate new opt-in prospects, cross reference information, segment sales opportunities (such as approaching land line subscribers by email and not sending MMS to VOIP lines) and targeting product sales by demographic information.

Looking for an affordable and fast way to scrub your list from land lines and bad numbers prior to sending?  Simply select the Basic Scrub option on the Scrub List page.  You’ll have an option to upload your numbers (be sure to use phone_number as a header csv windows format) then agree to the check box, click upload and we’ll provide you with line_type and carrier information on a spread sheet.  You can then choose to only send to your opt-in subscribers who have supplied you with valid cell numbers!


You can request any of our Add-ons in your PRO account by Emailing pro@betwext.com subject Add-ons

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