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Text Messaging Plans



Included Features:

  • Unique Texting Number
  • No Contracts/Setup Fees
  • 3 Keywords
  • 2 Cents/Text Message
  • Set Date and Time To Send
  • Upload Unlimited Contacts
  • Mobile Responsive App
  • Signup Form Widgets
  • Mobile Campaign Tools
  • Incredible Support
  • USA and Canadian Coverage
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Silver Plan Plus:

  • Unlimited Keywords
  • MMS Sending Enabled (Picture/Video)
  • Extended Text Options
    (300 characters)
  • Individualized Response Capability
  • Email Notification Options
  • Voicemail Enabled


Large Sender

Gold Plan Plus:

  • Customized Setup Help
  • Customized Campaign Suggestions
  • Business Support Options


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Bring New Attention To Your Business

Texting lets groups and small to mid-sized companies send SMS messages tied to keyword responses via targeted text message marketing campaigns. Low cost plans with unlimited keywords and rock bottom message rates available, Betwext’s user-friendly interface makes SMS marketing the perfect complement to existing email and traditional marketing campaigns. Nearly everyone has a cell phone these days. Pushing a text message marketing campaign to your customer base is a fantastic way to let them know about specials, open appointments, news, promotions, and any other information you wish to deliver in a timely manner.

Send Mass Text Message Campaigns

You’re looking for a fantastic way to send targeted text message marketing (SMS) campaigns to your customers and/or organization members at an incredible price. You need a plan with unlimited keywords, unlimited lists, unlimited subscribers, and a dedicated number. You don’t want to pay hundreds of dollars per month – in fact, you don’t want to pay ANYTHING each month. You just want to get the message out quickly and easily. You’re like Jane, who uses Betwext Texting to send her best customers coupons and invitations to special events each month for just a few pennies.


Use Betwext Texting to send messages to event participants registered through iContact, Constant Contact Event Marketing and Eventbrite

Send Info to Event Participants

Event management is always a difficult task. Instead of trying to coordinate volunteers, participants, and sponsors via email alone, Texting can send the appropriate text message marketing alert to each group. Speakers know when to be at their sessions, attendees can easily find lunch and help desks, and coordinators spend less time herding and more time making your event awesome. Now you can throw a great event with fewer logistical headaches.

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Give Retail Customers the Best Deal

Running retail promotions are only as effective as the advertising for those promotions. When a promotion has a limited run, retail stores often lose out on customers who simply aren’t in the cycle of visiting the store at that time. Now you can use Texting to get the word out to your best customers with a targeted text message marketing campaign, encouraging a prompt visit and immediate interest in the current promotion.

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Keep Cafe Patrons Hungry For More

What if you could let a select group of your favorite diners know that you had an un-advertised special tonight, an empty VIP table, or a drink special for tonight only? Best of all, what if you could do so right around 6:00 pm; the exact time people are starting to get hungry and having the age-old “to cook or not to cook” dilemma? Push your potential patrons over the tipping point by sending 100 VIP customers a text message marketing alert:

Two VIP tables available at 7:00, dessert is on the house. Call us at 415.555.1234 to reserve immediately.