Reply Feature

New Reply To Feature at New Reply To Individuals Feature Is HERE.  Thank you to all our loyal subscribers for your feedback. We've recently added some amazing new features that you've been requesting. Simply login, go to your top navigation 'Keywords' then to 'All Responses' This new feature...

Three Critical Text Message Tips

We thought you'd enjoy this quick free report for small business owners.  Learn the tips and tricks every small business owner must know to drive more revenue.  CLICK HERE ...

More New Features

Link Shortening Saves Space! Save character space with Betwext's Link Shortening tool.  This enables you to convert your links to shortened URLs. You can then insert the converted URLs in your message. Send Test Messages Click "Create Campaign" and look to the top navigation for "Test Message." This...

How A Personal Fitness Guru Started His Business On The Right Foot!

Craig Grimm launched his new business… Craig Grimm Fitness ( in 2014. As you can see Craig’s a fit guy, and he makes his living helping others achieve the best versions of themselves! Part of his business strategy is growing his customer base, and connecting...

Betwext Features

Betwext is one of the only text message marketing companies that offers unlimited keywords. This is important if you intend to do a lot of different campaigns.  Another great recently added feature is Betwext's "text message" feature.  We've recently added a test message feature on...

New Apps

Apps & Integrations iContact, Constant Contact, Eventbrite Integrations Introducing the latest API Application Integration with iContact, Constant Contact, Eventbrite and Betwext. Apps plug into Betwext to help you achieve more with your overall text marketing efforts. Integrations connect our products with small business tools to share contacts and marketing...

email notification

Email Notification With Texts Today we're going to share some new feature secrets and marketing ideas with you! Call-to-actions such as text 'Join' to win are best featured in and around popular mediums and events such as television, radio and public events with many thousand viewers,...


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