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What Business Owners Can Learn From The N.Korean Missile Launch…

What Business Owners Can Learn From The N.Korean Missile Launch… When you need to get a message out quickly, what…Read More

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HS Mixers Texting Case Study

Texting Case Study: HS Mixers

This Small Business Scored a 50% Response Rate On Their Survey! HS Mixers hosts dances for high school students in…Read More

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V1 Church Texting Case Study

V1 Church Texting Case Study

How One Church Is Building A Congregation With Text Messaging. The other day, I had the chance to speak with…Read More

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sms online

SMS Online, Everything You Need To Know About Sending and Receiving SMS Messages Online

May 4, 2017 SMS Message

Do you need to send SMS messages online? Do you have a business and you want to send and receive…Read More

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Nonprofit text message marketing… the BEST nonprofit text message marketing system

Do you run a nonprofit, charity, or good works organization? Let us help you raise money for your group! A…Read More

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Non Profit Text Marketing

Do You Work With or Support a NonProfit? NonProfit Text Message Marketing

March 9, 2017 NonProfit Texting

Do You Work With or Support a NonProfit? What You Need to Know About NonProfit Text Message Marketing The Latest Release…Read More

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Use Bulk Text to Promote Your Small Business

Why You Should Use Bulk Text To Promote Your Small Business

February 15, 2017 Mobile Marketing

Bulk Text Messages Promote Small Business: A quick introduction to text message marketing. If you run a small business, I’m…Read More

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Small Business Tools

Seven Small Business Tools To Run A Million Dollar Business

February 1, 2017 Inside Betwext

Growing your business means using tools… here are 7 small business tools I use daily to run my business. Today,…Read More

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Email Marketing Fail

Email Marketing Doesn’t Work

January 24, 2017 Mobile Marketing, SMS Message

One Small Business Spent $5.3 Million On Email Marketing… And They FAILED Email Marketing Doesn’t Work, But SMS Marketing Does……Read More

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How Comedian Carlos Mencia Sells Out Shows…

January 17, 2017 Case Studies

How Does A World Famous Comedian Sell Out Shows? Hint: He Uses Text Message Marketing! When it comes to entertainment,…Read More

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