Business Registration for Texting With a 10DLC

If you use a local phone number and send more than 2000 messages per day you will now need to register. 

If you use a toll-free (example 833, 844, 855, 866, 877 or 888) number you will need to register by August 2022 (unless you are a brand new customer, in that case you have to register right away).

Mobile phone service providers (the “Carriers”) in the U.S. are working to protect their customers from spam as well as improve messaging speed and reliability. As a result, they are requiring ALL numbers to be registered. To accomplish this, mobile carriers and text messaging providers such as Betwext are working with a third-party organization called The Campaign Registry (TCR).

Please note that you will not be able to register directly with TCR, we will register the Betwext number on your behalf.

What Is 10 DLC

As more businesses have started to utilize texting as a way to connect with their customers, mobile phone providers want to do what they can to prevent spam on their networks while still making it easy for businesses to use their services. This is where 10 DLC comes in. 10 DLC stands for “10 digit long code” and is the industry nickname for the new local messaging standard that mobile phone carriers have introduced. Part of 10 DLC is requiring businesses to register with The Campaign Registry. 

How to Register Your Local Number (10 DLC) with Betwext

Betwext will register your local number with TCR on your behalf. Once you complete our registration form, we will send your company’s information to The Campaign Registry, a third-party organization that serves as an intermediary between Betwext and other messaging companies, and mobile phone carriers. The registration form will ask you to provide the following: 

  • Your company’s legal name
  • Your company’s physical address, as registered with the state (NO P.O. Boxes)
  • The legal form of your organization (publicly traded, private company, or charity/non-profit)
  • Tax number or EIN
  • Your company’s Website
  • Contact information for a point of contact from your organization
  • The phone number(s) you wish to register, their use case, and an example message

A note on use cases-

Mobile phone providers (the “Carriers”) want to know what you will be using your local number for, they call this your “use case.” Some common use cases are listed below: 

  • 2FA: 2-factor identification, verification of identity, or 1-time passwords
  • Account notifications: messages sent to contacts about their account
  • Customer care: customer support messages
  • Delivery notifications: messages relating to orders and deliveries
  • Fraud alert messaging: alerting customers to potential fraud
  • Higher education: campaign sent by universities, colleges, school districts, or other educational institutions
  • Marketing: messages promoting a product or service
  • Polling and voting: non-political voting and surveys
  • Public service announcement: messages to alert contacts of important information

–“special” campaign uses that may have additional requirements or fees

  • Charity: must be registered as a 501c3
  • Emergency services: restricted to governments and healthcare organizations

Business Registration for Texting With a Toll-Free Number

Here’s the Information Needed if you have a Toll-Free Number:

  • Business Name:
  • Company Website:
  • Business Address (NO P.O. Boxes):
  • Compliance Contact first and last name (someone at your business who can respond to compliance questions if they arise)
  • Compliance Contact Email:
  • Compliance Contact Direct Phone Number:
  • Expected Monthly Message Volume:
  • Production Message Content (samples that reflect the type of messages you will be sending)
  • Opt-in Description (how do your recipients provide consent to receive messages?)
  • Opt-in Details (link to, image of, or scanned copy of opt-in page or process)

Please go here to register your 10 DLC Number(s)!

Please go here to register your Toll-Free Number(s)! (link coming soon, for now email us the required info please and thank you!)

Questions? Please email