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Email Notification With Texts

Today we’re going to share some new feature secrets and marketing ideas with you! Call-to-actions such as text ‘Join’ to win are best featured in and around popular mediums and events such as television, radio and public events with many thousand viewers, listeners or participants.

Here’s how one of our clients is using text marketing to fill hockey arenas. Go ahead and try to text to the number below and see for yourself how it works!

Call to Action Example:

Text ‘Join’ to 480-646-XXXX and receive specials and promotions sent directly to your mobile phone. Reply Text Example:Text Repsonse

This company also set up our new Betwext feature of receiving an auto-email response for everyone who replies (you can find this under Advanced then Keywords). Now every time a potential customer replies you can get the response via email and simply click to call.

ResponseEnjoy the amazing new power of Betwext!  You can sign up here