Important Update January 2020

January 29, 2020

SUBJECT:  More money… by doing less…


(NOTE: there’s a question at the end… so even if you don’t read the whole message… please scroll down and answer the question!  Thanks – B)

We’ve made a big change here at Betwext, and I want to make sure you’re aware of it.

First off, we’re doing less.

Yep, it’s the dream of every business owner out there… we’re doing less.  Less email that is.

Looking back over 2019, we noticed our email delivery and open rates have fallen (as have everyone else’s)… Big shock right.  

We’re sick of google and the other big internet companies deciding when our messages are “good enough” to be seen by our customers.  

So we said enough.

We’re going to send out fewer emails… and write fewer blog posts.

We’re still going to rely on text message communications…  (that’s a no-brainer, considering we’re a text message marketing company!).  

To make sure you’re on the list, just text the word INFO to 480-508-9444 and you’ll get everything we publish.

But don’t worry, the solid business and marketing advice you’ve been receiving in the past isn’t going away.  That’s getting more robust!  

Here’s how… 

Second, we’re changing formats.

We’ve always been under pressure to put out regular content on a schedule… which meant some of our articles were rushed.  We often cut content to make deadlines… and that’s not good.

So we’re trading in regular messaging, for more detailed, more rich, more example filled content.  Content you will actually use and put into place in your own business.

As a result, some of our articles will get longer… and will provide more value than ever.

And this leads to our next change…

Third, we’re trying new things.

We’re going email less, but we’re going to test out video and audio based content more.  

We’re also going to send out more How-to information about the system… so as a user or prospective user, you can see the cool things you can do with Betwext.

Oh, and we’re also going to do some crazy stuff… like spend more time on the phone with people.

Yep, if you’ve got a marketing challenge, or want to chat about how best to use texting in your business… just call.  

I’ll be happy to share my 20+ years of business and marketing experience.  But that’s not all…

Fourth, we’re improving the system.

The one interesting part about Betwext, is how it’s changed over time.  When we first launched, our product was bare bones… now we’ve got features coming out of our ears.

The problem… you probably have no idea about the features we have.

Crazy right?

So we’re still improving the system, but we’re also going to improve our education and training about using Betwext.

I think you call this – Back to basics!

So now you see the roadmap we’re following – and we’d love to have you join us.

Our plan – to do less… but do it better… we think it will help us grow.  I’ll let you know if it works.

Now a question (or 2):

If we held a text message marketing conference… in 2020, would you go?  

What topics would you like to see covered?  

Just e-mail me at

Thanks for your time,