Smartphone Usage by the Numbers: The Future of Digital Marketing

November 2, 2011 Industry News

According to the Pew Research Center, a new study was released taking a look at how users interact with their cell phones in 2011. Their research shows that 83% of American adults own cell phones, and over three-quarters of these individuals use text messaging to communicate regularly.

Beyond basic access to their cell phones, it’s most interesting to note exactly what these individuals are doing on their phones.  Gone are the days of cell phones being a handy tool people carry around to make phone calls. Instead, these devices are glued to their hands in an effort to be in contact communication with friends, social networking websites, and businesses through app usage, text messaging, and internet browsing.

How Smartphones are being used

The only other communication device with this type of penetration is the television. As business owners, digital marketers, and agencies, there’s no more promising source of marketing gold than the cell phone. No other communication device in our history has the penetration, dependency, and usefulness at the cell phone, making it the perfect medium for marketing communication messages.

With the exponential growth that the cell phone has seen over the last decade, it’s truly the future of digital marketing.

31% of your cell-phone toting, text message-using customers prefer to be contacted by text message over voice phone calls.  What are you doing to cater to this need? Sign up for today and start getting your message in front of them sooner.