Text Message Reminders are Good for Your Health, Study Says

September 11, 2014 Industry News

It should come as no surprise that individuals who are given reminders to take better care of their health, actually do so. But through text message? Yep!

The Center for Connected health determined that individuals reminded to apply sunscreen, were 55% more likely to do so than those who weren’t contacted! The same study was done on prenatal care, curbing alcohol intake, and mental health. In all cases, people reacted positively and wanted the reminders to continue!

Think your audience could use a friendly nudge now and then? Betwext Broadcast makes it easy (and cheap!) to contact current and potential customers. Use Betwext to communicate reminders with your audience about:

  • Upcoming sales
  • Upcoming events
  • Providing feedback
  • Pending deadlines
  • Bill payments
  • And more!

See just how big of an impact your text message marketing can have:

Courtesy of OnlineCollegeCourses.com