New Beginnings

October 4, 2010 News & Press

Early this year [2010], Betwext was launched as a way to send text messages to a group of people and see everyone’s responses. It was really super cool. Originally built as a toy, we decided to try and sell it as a service. Long story short, Betwext was too expensive and had no marketing budget, but it was loved dearly by a small group of people that used (and still use) it religiously.

A few months later, we inspired some competition. They seem to be doing really well, which is amazingly great.

That being said, Betwext isn’t dead. This week, we’re launching two new products: Betwext Broadcast, which is a professional grade SMS marketing tool for business and organizations of all sizes, and Betwext Remind, a simple reminder app that texts you when it’s time to do something.

[Important Update – Betwext Remind had a good run and is now retired as of 2016]

We think they’re fantastic, and believe that there’s a very large market of businesses who can’t afford 20¢ per message – that’s why we’re charging 5¢ per message for Broadcast, and making Remind 100% free.

We’re also going to relaunch the original Betwext product, renamed as Betwext Talk in the next several weeks. [Important Update – Betwext Talk had a good run and is now retired as of 2016] Unlike our competition, it will not be free – there will be a per user charge of a few dollars. However, that charge will include unlimited usage, and it will allow us to offer some pretty valuable tools – things like online logs, management via the web, and eventually the ability to chat with your group via SMS from the website itself. We think that it makes sense to ask for a small fee per month in order to provide incredible features, service, and support for our customers.

Betwext is no longer just a product – We’re a company. We have incredible support behind us and are truly looking forward to providing a fantastic new way of communicating via text messages.

If you’d like to get in contact with us, feel free to email, shout out to @betwext on Twitter, or visit our main site at You can also connect with @kressaty on Twitter (he runs things around here).  [Important Update as of January 2015 Jonathan has moved onto a new project – for support or commentary please contact customer service]