Big Updates and How They Will Make You Happy!

April 12, 2012 Products and Features

Springtime means we’re doing some cleaning around here, and we’re rolling out the new and improved Spring 2012 Betwext Broadcast.

Redesign and Rebuild of Broadcast Interface

First, we’re proud to announce a brand new redesign of the Betwext Broadcast user interface. We’ve adapted Twitter’s Bootstrap visual framework, making the Broadcast user experience significantly more intuitive and easier to use.  Along with the pretty stuff, we have re-engineered the admin area and drastically improved the speed and responsiveness of the system. How much? A LOT, enough to where you should easily be able to tell a difference. So enjoy that!

New Feature! Dynamic Dates

In addition to the new redesign, we added an advanced component to Betwext Broadcast that allows users to dynamically insert a date into a keyword response. With the new Keyword Response Dynamic Date feature, subscribers can receive a valid coupon response for a set period of time after an initial text.  This gives Broadcast users the ability to set up a single, automated response for a keyword instead of worrying about updating the response dates on a daily basis.

Let’s look at an example.  If you create a keyword called “icecream” and set the automated response for the keyword to

Thanks for texting us! Come in before {date+7} for a free ice cream cone

The system will take the date the message is sent (today) and add 7 days to the response. Therefore, if today is May 11th and the user texts the keyword “icecream,” the text response will read,

Thanks for texting us! Come in before May 18 for a free ice cream cone

Pay Only 1 cent for Messages, no Monthly Fees

In conjunction with our redesign overhaul and newest feature, we are immensely excited to offer you two great deals:

  • Users can now send all Betwext Broadcast messages for only 1¢, AND
  • Betwext Broadcast is now totally free with no monthly cost. That’s unlimited subscribers, unlimited keywords and a dedicated number for FREE!

Why? Our goal is to make SMS marketing a viable product for everyone, and we’re proud to be able to provide a superior product while making it the most inexpensive solution on the market today.

Sign Up for Betwext Broadcast for Free!

Let us know what you think. The Dynamic Date feature was requested by one of our long-standing and happy customers so if you have an idea that you think could improve your experience with Betwext – let us know – we’d love to hear it! Email us at or on Twitter @Betwext.

Thanks and stay tuned for updates and new features in the coming months!