How to Pick the Best Text Marketing Platform

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In the first video we talked about WHY you need to be using text marketing for your business. 

You can watch the first Text Message Marketing Training Video Here

In video two we went over how to get people to join your list… and what types of messages to send to get the best results.

You can watch the second Text Message Marketing Training Video Here

Now, I’m going to show you how to pick the best text marketing platform for your business.

Remember, text marketing is a powerful tool that can help grow your business… but if you pick the wrong platform, you’ll end up sad and disappointed…worse still you’ll have lost precious time and money.

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Before we get to that, let’s go over how to pick the right text marketing platform for your business.  

Then we’ll cover the 5 critical questions you need to ask when picking a text marketing platform.

First a quick word on picking the right platform…

Every business is different. 

Every text marketing platform is different…

As a business owner you need to look beyond just the price or the fancy name.  You need to look at the key features the platform offers and how it integrates with your business.  

You need to make sure the texting platform you pick, will be one you use.

After all, if you don’t send out any text marketing messages, you won’t see any results!

Also, think about who exactly on your team will be pressing the buttons and using the system.  Is it you, maybe a VA or assistant… maybe you have a marketing manager who will do the heavy lifting.

Make sure to involve those people in your decision to pick one texting platform over another…  Oftentimes, their feedback is invaluable.

Ok, enough jibber jabber.

Let’s get focused on the key questions you should be asking when you look at different text marketing platforms.

Here they are:  

  1. Do you get your own dedicated texting number?
  2. Is your Keyword Available?
  3. Can you easily Segment lists? 
  4. Can you automate follow-up and schedule messages?
  5. Is the system affordable, easy to use, and is help available?

Ok, 5 very specific questions… let’s get into each one in detail. 

Do You Get Your Own Dedicated Texting Number?

First things first, you need a dedicated business texting number.  Please please please, do not try to conduct text marketing for your business from your personal cell phone.

Look like a marketing professional… and get a professional texting number.

There are 3 different types of numbers you can get.

  1. Long Codes
  2. Toll-free Numbers, and 
  3. Shortcodes

Let’s look at each…

Long Codes

These are normal length, 10 digit phone numbers you see every day. For example 480-508-9444. 

When you sign up for a texting platform you should get your own long code – a dedicated texting number for your business.  

DO NOT share long codes with other businesses – this is a fast way to get your numbers flagged and marked as spam!

These long code numbers are inexpensive, and they are programmed to send 1 message every second.

Dedicated long codes are great for Local Businesses, and small businesses who want to control their texting costs.  Remember, with a dedicated texting number, you don’t have to worry about sharing numbers.  

Here’s a good rule of thumb, you should have at least 1 long code phone number for every 500 subscribers on your list.  (Make sure any system you sign up for allows you to add additional numbers to your account!)

In addition to Long codes, there are Toll-Free options.

Toll-Free Numbers

Carriers have started allowing businesses to send and receive text messages from certain toll-free numbers.  

These toll-free numbers are a bit more costly, but they provide higher throughput.  This means they can send or receive up to 4 messages per second!

But with all good news, you want to read the fine print… 

While the toll-free numbers allow faster throughput, they do not allow you to send picture messages or images.

In addition, the carriers prohibit certain types of businesses from using toll-free numbers.

The toll-free number rule of thumb is simple… use 1 toll-free number for every 2,000 subscribers on your list.  

Shortcodes are the final kind of texting number you need to know about…


Shortcodes are shorter numbers that allow sending and receiving text messages.  These are 5 or 6 digit numbers.  

Shortcodes are very powerful, you can send and receive hundreds of messages a second… but they are very expensive.

A dedicated shortcode starts at $1,500 or more per month!  Not only that, but the process for getting a shortcode is lengthy.  The last shortcode we provisioned for a customer took over 8 weeks!

Some texting companies have been using shared shortcodes… allowing hundreds of different businesses to use the same shortcode to send and receive messages.

There are dozens of problems with this setup.  

The biggest issue, the Carriers announced they will no longer support shared shortcodes.  One day, many business owners, using shared shortcodes, will wake up and find their accounts shut down.

Just don’t do it…

As a business owner, how do you pick between toll-free and a long code texting number?

It’s all about Volume and Location! 

If you’re planning to send tens of thousands of text messages to a giant list, or if you have a nation-wide business, then you’ll want to add toll free numbers to your account.  

If you’re a local business and might only have a few thousand subscribers – using long codes will work just fine!

Remember, you get to pick your long-code number, so you can select one from your own area code!

Wow – lots of stuff to think about with long code, shortcodes, and toll-free numbers.

Let’s move onto the next question you need to ask…

Is My Keyword Available?

When you think about selecting a texting platform, you need to consider closely your use of Keywords.

Remember, A texting keyword is simply a word you designate in your account to do something special.

For example, you might set up the keyword “VIP”.

Then when a customer text’s in “VIP” to your texting number, the system knows to sign them up for your VIP list… send them the VIP welcome message… and send them VIP content!

Most businesses use multiple keywords as a  way to segment and communicate with their list.

Some texting companies charge more for using additional keywords. 

And if you’re using a shared shortcode (Please Don’t) the keyword you want to use might be already taken by another business!  

Just keep all of that in mind when picking a texting platforms.

Now, this brings us to question number 3…

Can I Easily Segment My Lists? 

As I mentioned earlier, it’s critical that you segment your list.  You don’t want to text… the same message to every person you know!

You need to make sure any text marketing platform you use allows you to break up your list into different groupings… either through keywords, or manually.

I know it seems very basic, but it’s critical to have this feature.

Because it then allows you to set up an automated series of messages, to go out on schedule, to specific subscribers!

We call this an auto-responder or a Drip Campaign.

And that brings us to question number 4…

Can You Automate Follow-Up and Schedule Messages?

This is one of the biggest features that you’ll want to use.

Automating follow-up can be a lifesaver.

First imagine a customer is interested in your product… If you’re on the ball, you’ll set up a dedicated keyword for that product.

Let’s pretend you use the keyword “Learn”

Then when a customer inquires about the product you can just say text the word “learn” to my number.

Of course you’ll have already done a number of things… 

First you’ll have set up a welcome message for anyone texting in the word LEARN.

This first message is a link to a blog post all about your product.  

But that’s not all.

You’ll also set up a drip campaign over the next few days.

On day two you’ll text them a link to a youtube video showing your product in use.

On day three you’ll text your prospect a follow-up message with some important product points… and you’ll probably include a link to a FAQ page.

Then on day four you’ll text them a link to the “Buy-Now” page on your website.

This isn’t rocket science… 

You’re probably already doing something similar with your email system already!  Using text messages is faster, and you’ll see better engagement rates and performance…

And that means more sales!

Here’s another part to the scheduling system you’ll want to take advantage of…

Scheduling regular text messages to go out.

In this example, we’re going to set up messages to go out to your existing customers.  This might be a list of 300, 3,000 or 30,000 customers who have bought your product (and opted in to get text messages from you – don’t forget that important point)

They already bought… so, what do you send them?

How about a series of messages about how to use your product, maybe tips or tricks to help them get the best experience ever… or maybe you ask if they are having any problems, and offer to help.

Sounds like a lot of work, but it’s easy.

You can simply write up 2, 3, 10, or 50 messages.  Whatever content makes sense.

Then you can schedule the messages to go out to a particular list.

I know one customer of ours who has a year’s worth of outreach already written and loaded into the texting platform.

Every week like clockwork, the system sends out their message to the specific list of customers… 

And remember since these text messages are short and sweet, it won’t take very long to craft them up!

Texting automation is key to increasing your marketing ROI without adding hours of work.

So Now We Get to the Nitty-Gritty of Picking the Best Text Marketing Platform.

At this point, you know you need a dedicated number.  

You need a platform that gives you all the keywords you want.

You need a texting platform with the tools to segment your list and use text automation through drip and schedule campaigns.

The last thing you need to consider when looking at texting platforms… Is the system affordable, easy to use, and do they have great customer support? 

Some of these might take a little digging, but it’s important to look for this info.

Let’s start with customer support.

Personally, I’m a DIY type of guy, so I must have training videos and support documentation online.  

There are others out there who want to pick up the phone, when they get stuck.  Or better still, the ability to email or chat with a support person… without waiting weeks for an answer.

Some companies don’t publish a phone number for support… so if you need that live person to help, they might not be a good fit.

If you’re really curious about support, just email their support staff!

While support is great, what’s even better is an easy to use system.

If the system is easy to use, how much support will you really need?

Not a lot, I’m betting.

So how do you know if the system is easy to use?

Easy – watch their text marketing platform Demo.

You’ll see them go through the motions of setting up a campaign and sending out messages.

No demo?  Then maybe they have something to hide.

Oh, and if they offer a “Live” demo that you need to schedule with someone… beware – that’s just a trap to get you on the phone with a high pressure sales person!

In today’s day and age, everyone should have a video demo of their system.


Now we get to PRICE.

As a business owner, you know people have to make a living.  But you also want to get the best value for your dollar.

You don’t want to get taken to the cleaners either!

Here’s a bit of advice… first figure out how many subscribers you might have on your list… then think about how often you’ll message them.

This will give you a good starting point when comparing marketing platforms.

Why is this important?

Because every system out there is priced differently.  Some offer a flat monthly rate, but then you pay per message.

Others have a low monthly rate, charge extra for messages, and nickel and dime you on things like keywords, or fees when your list gets too big.

Others give you an “Introductory” rate, that’s good for a few days or weeks, but then skyrockets in price later on.  

Worse still, other texting systems will give you access to “SOME” of their features… so you have to pay more if you want the “Bells and Whistles”

That’s just too complicated… I like it when things are simple.

Look at your total cost every month to send the messages you want to send.  Then compare every marketing platform based on those numbers.

Keep it simple.

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The Premier plan comes with 3,000 texting credits every month.  So you can send 3,000 messages a month (One credit is one 160 character text).  

That’s enough to send 100 messages a day, or 700 a week!

Need more messages? We have bigger plans, all the way up to 100,000 monthly credits… check the website for details!  

Oh, If you’re sending more than 100,000 text marketing messages a month, reach out to our support team, we have enterprise level accounts too!

Ok, back to the premier plan.

You get one dedicated long code phone number, 3,000 message credits a month, and you can set up an unlimited number of Keywords… AND the system is MMS enabled, meaning you can text out pictures and graphics or send longer messages.

But that’s not all.

If you go over your 3,000 message credits in the month, don’t worry… additional messages are only ONE PENNY.  Lower than all of our competitors – some who charge 4 or 5 times as much!

What else do you get with the Premier Plan?

Great question…

We have a dedicated support staff, Jackie and Tiffany, that can help you over email, chat or on the phone, 7 days a week.  During business hours of course!

We also have online training videos and demos showing how to use the system.  

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What else?

Every Betwext account has the ability to send out group texts, or even one-to one texting (that’s a cool feature).

You can personalize messages with your subscriber’s names.  We also have the ability to do Extended Messages!  That’s when your text message is more than 160 characters… well, we can go up to 600, for a small additional message fee.

We also offer with every account an easy to use dashboard, for tracking activity, and easy does it, monthly billing,.

We NEVER lock you into a long term contract, and you can cancel at any time.

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