How Dr Nixon Runs Her FULL TIME Chiropractic Clinic… and STILL Crushes It As A LuLaRoe Fashion Consultant.

April 24, 2018 Case Studies

How Dr Nixon Runs Her FULL TIME Chiropractic Clinic… and STILL Crushes It As A LuLaRoe Fashion Consultant.

Doctor and LuLaRoe Fashion Consultant

If you’ve ever wanted to meet SuperWoman, keep reading… because I just got off the phone with Dr. Elizabeth Nixon, and she’s the real deal!

Not only is she running a FULL-TIME Chiropractic Clinic… She has a growing family with 3 kids under the age of 5… PLUS, she’s also selling over $10,000 a month in LuLaRoe clothing!

Today, she’s sharing her insider secrets to balancing life and crushing her business goals.

Plus she’ll share how to run a LuLaRoe business with amazing success, AND not go crazy in the process!

The Interview With Dr. Nixon

When I jumped on the call with Dr. Nixon, my very first question was “Why did you join LuLaRoe?

Her answer was amazing. She loved the products… and was buying so much of it herself, she figured she should sign up to get the discount! 😉

Lizzy Nixon LuLaRoe 1

Plus, she had been referring so many people to other retailers, she realized she was giving up a great source of business! With her amazing business background, she realized LuLaRoe would be a great side hustle… the perfect side business.

Of course, no business is without its challenges…

Her time was stretched thin already. Dr Nixon is at her clinic more than 45 hours a week, and of course her patients come first.

Add to that a growing family with 3 kids under the age of 5 and you can only imagine the commitment she has on her time.

As a result, she’s only able to commit to LuLaRoe sales part time.

The key is being organized and scheduling things out.

Dr. Nixon mentioned, she turned an old x-ray room at her office into her LuLaRoe storage space… and when she finds a few free moments, she’s always working on something business related.

She might take part of her lunch to package orders, post pictures to Facebook, or communicate with her customers.

I learned something really interesting… many LuLaRoe consultants make big sales during lunch time.

They do Facebook Live events over lunch and rack up big sales.

So a fast tip – if you’re not doing live sales on Facebook during lunch give it a try!

Lizzy Nixon LuLaRoe 2

Unfortunately, due to her schedule, Dr. Nixon normally schedules her live sales for after work… around 5 or 6 pm.

Often times doing the event from her office, after it’s closed for the day. I told you she works hard!

I shifted our interview questions to what she did to be so successful…

How To Find LuLaRoe Success On Facebook

When it comes to success on Facebook, Dr. Nixon has a very Zen like attitude…

Facebook is always changing… that’s the big problem. So I try something, and if it doesn’t work, I try something new.”

That’s why she signed up with The texting service has been a huge success.

Betwext was recommended to me by some very successful mentors. So, I signed up from day one and have seen it work!”

My Coach is a top 100 seller for LuLaRoe and she does more than $2 or $3 million a month in sales. She has over 70,000 Facebook followers, and she uses to text her customers.”

Dr. Nixon uses text messages to get customers on her live events. More on that in a moment…

But text marketing of her LuLaRoe store isn’t the only thing she’s been testing.

I’ve been testing Facebook ads on and off.” she said.

“I’ve had some success using a giveaway to get people to follow my page, sign up, and capture contact information. The paid ads have brought me some new customers.”

When she runs her Facebook ads, she’s careful to target the right people… She has found success with women, between 30 and 70 years old, based in the US, who have mentioned LuLaRoe.

That’s where she finds the best engagement.

Another tip: if you’re not testing Facebook advertising – try it. You might be able to attract new customers!

Her biggest success however has come from her Coach.

Having a successful upline with training makes all the difference in the world!”

Her Coaches have the process down. “The startup checklists are easy to follow… and they know what works!” She said.

They even had her doing work during the waiting period, before she got her first order… just to get the foundation set for success.

Of course I had more questions about her texting success…

How To Use Texting For LuLaRoe Success

As I mentioned earlier, Dr Nixon used texting to get customers onto her Facebook Live Events.

She first posts a message on Facebook. Then she sends out a text message to her VIP texting club. This gets people to engage right away.

Here’s a tip she shared. Always put a link to your event in the text… people will click through.

I then shared two cool features inside Betwext that Dr Nixon didn’t know about:

First, when you send a message, if you use the link shortener, Betwext has the ability to track clicks. Using the link shortener allows you to see how many people clicked on your message.

The other cool trick… if you add the link at the very end of the message, iphones will turn that link into a graphic that looks like a button. This increases customer engagement and clicks!

I was curious, what else did she use text marketing for?

Lizzy Nixon LuLaRoe 3

Dr Nixon often shares special offers with her VIP Texting list when she needs to move certain products or older inventory.

I found this quite interesting… LuLaRoe will not allow you to use discounts in your Facebook advertising. So, the only way to notify people of a special offers is through texting or email.

“I’ll tell people if we have a discount code on the live event… but they can only get the code by being a member of my VIP texting club. If they want the discount code, they must sign up!”

What a great way to get signups on your list!

Dr Nixon also does Facebook posts inviting people to sign-up directly to her list using a keyword.

I asked her about Drip sequences, also known as autoresponders.

She said she isn’t actively using a drip sequence. She said it will be something she deploys – eventually – to educate customers about who she is and what her life is like!

Just a side note, I see thousands and thousands of businesses using drip sequences to educate prospects and customers… and it’s a great way to engage and build loyalty. So, if you don’t have a drip sequence to educate your prospect, consider adding it today!

I’m sure Dr. Nixon will have her drip sequence in place before long.

Why Dr. Nixon Uses Betwext…

I asked her straight up, why she uses Betwext and her answer was great!

My Mentor recommended Betwext.” she said. Plus, “Betwext is easy to use.”

She added “I can use Betwext easily from my phone or my desktop.”

We ended our conversation with her saying she loves the scheduling feature but doesn’t use it enough.

My Interview with Dr. Nixon was a great. Between her more than full time practice, three kids under the age of 5, and a growing LuLaRoe fashion business, she truly is a SuperWoman!

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