How Emerest Uses Texting to Organize Employee Work Schedules

March 13, 2019 Case Studies

A Betwext Case Study Shows How to Use Texting to Organize Your Employees.

The other day I had the opportunity to sit down and speak with Isaac.  He runs Emerest Health of Connecticut, a home care agency.

Emerest, is a home care agency with headquarters in New York and registered offices in other states that they are licensed to service.

Isaac told me about his business… “We do non-medical staffing for home care.”

And as you can imagine his workload is heavy these days.

One of his biggest challenges was finding caregivers to provide support to new clients.  You see there are many caregivers willing to work.

However, finding the right caregiver that is available during the specific hours needed for each client can be challenging.

He used to spend hours emailing and calling caregivers directly.  

“It could take several hours just to find that perfect match for a client’s needs.”  

But that all ended when he started using

Isaac said, “When we have a case to staff, I speed up the process by texting caregivers in my list.  I give them the location of the assignment and they call if they are interested.”

“The response rate is great and we start getting calls back almost instantly.”

I asked him if he ever texted clients directly.

He said they can’t really do marketing with text messages yet… but was looking for ways to send more information about their services.  

I told Isaac about a number of businesses that have blog posts and videos talking about their services.  When a new prospect inquires about the business they text in a keyword. The system then automatically sends out texts with links to this valuable information.

Isaac had also used texting to do big staff communications and company wide announcements.  

He even sent a reminder to people about the holiday party!

That’s a text I want to get!

Isaac heard about Betwext from a friend, who recommended our services highly.

Interestingly, Isaac had been trying other texting software providers… (I won’t share names to protect the guilty!).  Isaac said “Their services were much more expensive, and difficult to use”

“’s customer support was excellent. I was able to sign up and start texting in just minutes!”

I asked him what he’d say to business owners thinking about using Betwext, and his response was priceless:

“I’d recommend it 100%.  You see it in the data… clearly texting is the way to go.  Think about it, we’re all addicted to our phones… with cell phones it’s in your face and automatic to open and read… It’s really effective!”

“This is the next step for texting.”

I couldn’t have said it better myself.

To learn more about Emerest Health of Connecticut or any of their affiliated agencies please visit or email

Note: all case study participants received texting credit for their time.

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