How LuLaRoe Fashion Consultant Stephanie Peterson Drove Customer Engagement +900%

April 24, 2018 Case Studies

How LuLaRoe Fashion Consultant Stephanie Peterson Drove Customer Engagement +900%

LuLaRoe Customer Engagement up 900 percent

This week I had the pleasure of speaking with superstar LuLaRoe fashion consultant Stephanie Peterson about her LuLaRoe business, and how she drives amazing customer engagement.

First, check out her LuLaRoe store here!

Stephanie started her LuLaRoe business about a year and a half ago. She wanted to make a little extra money, loves clothing, and enjoyed working with women of all types. So, LuLaRoe was a natural fit.

Stephanie started by doing local events and pop-up events in people’s homes.

She built her following quickly by actively promoting her facebook page at live events… collecting customers contact information, and by incentivising sign-up for her email and texting lists!

One of the smart things she did was run giveaways… for every person who invited 5 of her friends to join, they’d be entered into a drawing for a free pair of leggings.

Stephanie also took the pop-up idea online. She worked with other hostesses who would invite their friends and neighbors to attend online popups. She continued adding to her list of prospects and developed a great network of customers..

Steph LuLaRoe 02

Another feature that Stephanie has taken advantage of is Facebook’s Live video.

Using her Facebook store, Stephanie is launching live videos where she showcases new clothing options and how to create different styles. Putting together different outfits and engaging with clients and prospects really drives her business.

She loves being part of a community of like minded women!

Stephanie was doing great, and making more money than she expected… but she’s had some unexpected problems with Facebook.

The Facebook Problem

Facebook started changing their algorithm.

Steph LuLaRoe 03

So her posts started getting less and less reach. Her own followers weren’t seeing her on Facebook when her shop was open. They weren’t seeing her Facebook posts, pictures, or event announcements.

Her Facebook reach started dwindling… and her live video feeds started having fewer and fewer views… Facebook’s answer was to spend money buying ads.

“I didn’t want to spend money on Facebook ads, so I looked at texting.” She said.

Stephanie found online and set up her own texting account in just a few minutes.

Betwext Texting Solves Her Challenge

Stephanie now uses Betwext to overcome the constant Facebook changes.

Instead of being at the mercy of Facebook, now she collects customers phone numbers… then when she does a live event, she makes her facebook post… then sends a text to make sure everyone sees it.

Steph LuLaRoe 04

Before using texting, her results were hit or miss. Once she started texting prospects and customers about the live event, she saw engagement skyrocket by 900%

YES – 900%

She has almost 10 times the number of people show up for her events, now that she uses texting daily, And that really helps sales.

But announcing live events isn’t the only way Stephanie uses Betwext for texting…

She also uses Betwext with a keyword to have people text in and sign-up automatically for her list.

While she doesn’t currently segment her list, Stephanie mentioned she’d probably start segmenting VIP customers to one list… and adding prospects to another.

Steph LuLaRoe 01

Finally, she mentioned possibly segmenting based on locations going forward as well.

Stephanie was also excited to learn that Betwext has a built in feature where she can set up a particular keyword… and prospects can text in the keyword and their name… and the customer’s name will automatically be added to their contact record in the system.

She’s very active on social media, posting to Facebook regularly, texting her group almost daily, and using email follow-up as well!

Every person who signs up gets a welcome message. She also sends links in the text messages to her facebook group. “Texting a link is the easiest way to get people to my facebook store.” She said.

Steph LuLaRoe 05

When asked why she liked Betwext, Stephanie said she likes the low price. “I called a number of other texting services and nobody could beat your price,” she said. “Betwext is the lowest cost provider I could find.”

Stephanie is planning on ramping up her texting frequency as she gets better and better response rates.

She also is looking at using the MMS feature in to send picture messages to her group.

If you’re looking to connect with your customers on a deeper level, like Stephanie does, visit

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