LuLaRoe Success: One Top LuLaRoe Fashion Consultant Uses Text Message Marketing To Sell LuLaRoe On Facebook, And Is Now In The Top 3%!

April 24, 2018 Case Studies

LuLaRoe Success: One Top LuLaRoe Fashion Consultant Uses Text Message Marketing To Sell LuLaRoe On Facebook, And Is Now In The Top 3%!

LuLaRoe Success

Last week I had an opportunity to speak with Ashleigh who as you will soon discover is a TOP producer for LuLaRoe.

Just a year ago, she was a teacher. Then her life changed when she had twins – and she wanted a way to stay home with them… and still make some money.

Ashleigh worked very hard to achieve her success, as you will see… and now she is in the top 3% of all LuLaRoe Fashion Consultants… She is a true LuLaRoe Success Story.

I hope this interview can help you find success in your own LuLaRoe Business…

The Interview With Ashleigh

My first question to everyone I meet is a simple one, “Why did you join LuLaRoe?”

After a bit of a pause, Ashleigh opened up.

Ashleigh LuLaRoe 02

I stated LuLaRoe in 2016. I had just had twins… and at the time I was a teacher. I wanted to be home with the kids.” That’s when she started working on her LuLaRoe success!

Since I started, being a top seller was always a goal.” said Ashleigh.

“I wanted to make enough to support my family while my husband was in Pharmacy school and still be home with my twins. LuLaRoe was my way to be financially independent while maintaining mom status and meeting other women.”

She worked hard to accomplish this goal. Everytime she met someone… she asked them to host a LuLaRoe Party. She kept booking party after party and worked hard to meet people and network.

It’s the only way to build a loyal following… you’ve got to sell yourself, before you sell your product.”

Clearly, she has found success. This year she reached the top 3% of all LuLaRoe Fashion Consultants! What a great success story.

But even successful people run into problems…

The Biggest Problems LuLaRoe Fashion Consultants Face.

Of course with a great story, I knew there had to be challenges…

I asked what issues she faced, and without hesitation Ashleigh said – “Facebook.”

I started my business in person. But as I moved online and onto Facebook Groups I ran into problems.”

Ashleigh LuLaRoe 06

The Facebook Algorithms changed and her customers didn’t see her posts.

When I’d send out a post with a link in it, it got very little exposure.

That’s when she started using texting to communicate with her group. “Texting is a great way to ensure that the whole group gets notifications.”

She said, “Betwext has helped me communicate with my group.”

Now I’m not going to sugarcoat this, Ashleigh did say she has a problem with texting. “Sometimes it’s difficult to get people to engage with a text message.

You know what… she’s right.

Getting people to engage – anywhere – is difficult. We recently posted an article about getting better engagement from your text messages… you can find it here.

Getting engagement is critical, so follow some best practices to really stand out. A few big ideas… always make your messages interesting and timely. Have a reason to text people… oh, and don’t forget to ask them to reply back.

So back to the interview…

How Ashleigh Uses Text Message Marketing for LuLaRoe Success.

I was curious how Ashleigh was using Text marketing… and it really came down to two types of messages.

First she segmented her lists between those on her facebook events (who could be located anywhere in the United States) and those in her local area who attended a live in person event!

Second, she was hyper focused with her texting messages…

Ashleigh LuLaRoe 03

She only texted people when she was about to go live on Facebook… and a separate text to let Local people know about her hours.

Ashleigh also had a VIP texting group where she sent people a welcome message too.

Now this is interesting…

I asked Ashleigh how she gets people on her texting list.

When she started her business, she’d offer a giveaway to get people to sign up.

But now that’s changing. People just want to hear about her events and when she goes live… so she’s been getting sign ups WITHOUT having to offer a gift, or giveaway!

Now she does tell people that she sends special offers to everyone on her texting list… and that does help drive signups. Who doesn’t want to be part of a special group!

Why Ashleigh Uses Betwext…

I asked Ashleigh straight up, why she used for her texting.

She mentioned it was recommended to her by a consultant she was working with. She said a lot of her other group members tried using Twitter’s SMS… but it was full of problems.

Going forward Ashleigh said she’s going to use texting to communicate about special events and offers.

She’s also looking at using the MMS feature to send pictures via texting.

Finally, she will continue to use texting no matter what because “I like Texting better than email!”

When she does live events she noted “When I do a facebook Live event there’s a DRASTIC difference in attendance when I use texting to announce it!”

My Interview with Ashleigh was Fantastic. To get the inside view on a very successful LuLaRoe Fashion Consultant is amazing.

To learn more about Ashleigh find her LuLaRoe Facebook group here.

If you’re looking to build a thriving LuLaRoe business, consider adding as a preferred marketing tool!

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