How LuLaRoe Superstar Duo Randy & Nicole Have Overcome Facebook Algorithm Changes to Grow Their LuLaRoe Business To Over 14,000 Followers… in LESS than a YEAR!

April 24, 2018 Case Studies

How LuLaRoe Superstar Duo Randy & Nicole Have Overcome Facebook Algorithm Changes to Grow Their LuLaRoe Business To Over 14,000 Followers… in LESS than a YEAR!

LuLaRoe Superstars

The other week I had an opportunity to speak with two LuLaRoe Fashion Consultants who are absolutely crushing it. They’ve built a huge following on Facebook – over 14,000 and growing.

And, they have put in place a system for attracting more and more people who are interested in LuLaRoe Fashion… and converting them into buyers.

They use a number of tools including Facebook ads, Facebook live events, and for text message marketing…

Because they treat LuLaRoe like a business, they are seeing some amazing success… and here’s the CRAZY part – they’ve ONLY been at it for one year!

The Interview With Randy & Nicole

When I jumped on the call with Randy & Nicole, my very first question was “Why did you join LuLaRoe?”

Their answer just blew me away.

You see, Randy is a Software Engineer and Nicole was a Psychology Graduate Student. They didn’t have a lot of time for starting a new business… and they needed something they could do from home.

Randy uncovered the opportunity and did a little back of the envelope math. Randy said, “I did the numbers and saw the profit potential… and we knew it was something we could do from home.”

Nic LuLaRoe 01

So, they jumped in with both feet, about one year ago.

Despite their success, it wasn’t always smooth sailing.

Randy said it best, “Our biggest challenge was fighting the communication battle with a changing Facebook algorithm.”

I’ve heard this from dozens of LuLaRoe fashion consultants. Facebook keeps changing their software. So, when you had a LIVE sale, you’d simply do a post, and all of your followers would see it.

Now, you do a post and nobody sees it.

Consider this, according to one Hubspot article, Facebook posts get natural organic engagement of between 2% to 6.5%… let’s do the math. If you have 10,000 followers on Facebook and post something, between 200 and 650 of your followers will see it.

How’d Randy & Nicole overcome this LuLaRoe Facebook algorithm problem?

Two ways… Email and Texting.

Now, when they do a live event, sale, or other activity, they not only post on Facebook, but they also send out Email Reminders and then TEXT Everyone.

Nicole noted “Email responses were pretty low. People just don’t check email anymore.”

As a result, they’ve been relying more and more on, their text messaging service. If you’re interested in texting for your business find more information here. But that’s not all…

Finding LuLaRoe Customers On Facebook

I asked Randy & Nicole how they’re finding new customers.

Facebook Advertising.” Was the short and sweet answer Randy gave.

He told me that they get some LuLaRoe Customers from organic Facebook outreach, but most of their customers are from advertising.

Nic LuLaRoe 02

They noted with 80,000 LuLaRoe consultants on Facebook already, marketing can be competitive, so they’ve been targeting Women with similar interests, based in the US. And, they’ve been using lookalike audiences in their marketing.

Given Randy’s background in software, using an advanced marketing technique – Facebook Lookalike Audiences – isn’t surprising!

For those of you who don’t know what a Lookalike Audience is… let me try to explain. A Lookalike Audience is created when you upload a list of people to Facebook and ask them to analyze the list. Facebook then looks for common traits in the list you uploaded and uses that information to target ads to other people not on your list.

But that’s not all Randy and Nicole do…

LuLaRoe Success On Facebook

When it comes to Success on Facebook, it’s not just advertising…

Nicole is focused on Facebook engagement. BIG TIME!

We try to engage with everyone. We’ll do static image posts and reply to every comment we get.

She said, “If we get a customer question, we reply right away. Sometimes we’ll talk makeup and other stuff that’s not LuLaRoe related.

This is the biggest takeaway I learned from

Nic LuLaRoe 03

Randy and Nicole, engaging on Facebook goes beyond just posting. Constant communication is critical… it develops a connection.

Now, this is a cool feature they do on their Facebook live sales…

Everyone who buys a product gets their name on a wheel.

Then after selling 10 items, Nicole spins the wheel and the person who wins gets a free item!

I’m sure this creates a sense of urgency to buy… and also encourages people to take action.

What a great idea – steal it for your next LuLaRoe Live event!

More on Texting For LuLaRoe Success

I was curious about how Randy & Nicole found

It turns out they are part of a bigger team selling LuLaRoe, and other members of their team mentioned using texting to communicate… and using specifically.

Randy & Nicole are sending out messages almost daily… Bits of info, sales announcements, and texts before going live!

Since Randy is a Software guy, they use a Link with a subdomain redirect so they can track effectiveness. Luckily, you don’t need a Randy working for you… We’ve built in a link shortener that will track clicks from all of your Betwext text messages – it’s easy as pie!

They are very straight forward when it comes to adding people to their texting list…

Nicole often offers a giveaway for people who signup – Everyone has to be a member of the texting club. They text out the “Secret” word – and that makes them eligible for a giveaway!

Nic LuLaRoe 04

They also text their list about discounts and special LuLaRoe promotions… and that’s been very successful for them too.

Randy Said, “Texting is a great way to get existing eyes on products!”

However, when I asked about a drip campaign, they have NOT yet set one up! I encouraged them to try and use the Drip sequence to spoon feed information to their prospects.

Just a side note, I see thousands and thousands of businesses using drip sequences to educate prospects and customers… and it’s a great way to engage and build loyalty. So, if you don’t have a drip sequence to educate your prospect, consider adding it today!

Another thing that sets Nicole and Randy apart is they use live events to get people on their Texting List. They are always telling people to text in to join the club on EVERY live event…

Remember, consistency in marketing is key!

Nic LuLaRoe 05

I asked them what the future holds, and they said they are going full steam ahead with LuLaRoe.

They’re working on some other big ideas…

Randy & Nicole are working on a new member promotion. They also mentioned setting up a drip campaign to educate prospects and connect. Finally, they are going to work on getting first and last names from people as they sign up and using first names in their promotions!

The future is bright for these two!

Why Randy & Nicole Use Betwext…

I asked her straight up, why they use Betwext…

Betwext was recommended to us by other LuLaRoe Fashion Consultants.” They said.

In addition, “Betwext is fast and easy to use. We can send a message very quickly.

My Interview with Randy & Nicole was great. They have a thriving and growing LuLaRoe business, and they’ve built it very quickly!

To learn more about Randy & Nicole find their LuLaRoe Facebook group here.

If you’re looking to build a thriving LuLaRoe business, consider adding as a preferred marketing tool!

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