Why A FIVE GUYS Franchise Texts Employees… It’s THE Most Creative Reason!

August 27, 2018 Case Studies

Why A FIVE GUYS Franchise Texts Employees… It’s THE Most Creative Reason!

I love stories like this…

Just the other day, I did a call with a friend who works at a FIVE GUYS franchise. If you’ve never had a FIVE GUYS Burger… stop what you are doing and go get one… right now.

I mean it. Go – NOW!

Their food is amazing… Every time I go, I get the Bacon Burger, Hand-cut Fries, and a Chocolate Shake.

I’m drooling right now… SO GOOD!

texting employees

Ok, enough about my burger obsession. Now you understand why this case study was so hard to write… I had to stop and sample the “goods!”

Alright, let’s talk Text Messaging at Restaurants.

I spoke with Amannda, she is in charge of operations at several FIVE GUYS Restaurants in Hawaii and Washington state. And when she told me how she was using Betwext at the stores, well, I was shocked.

The Most Creative Texting Program!

You see, I thought Amannda was going to tell me how she collects customer names, and drives sales with texting. I thought she was going to tell me about a creative name capture program… or a super successful text message she sent.

But she doesn’t do any of that.

Customers have no idea she’s using text messaging!


Because she only uses Texting to communicate with her employees!  Yep she only texts employees.

Here’s why…

The FIVE GUYS Franchise Challenge

Like any restaurant, keeping your facility clean, in top shape, and acing your health inspections is critical.

And for a FIVE GUYS franchise, there’s no exception.

As a matter of fact, Amannda doesn’t just wait for the random inspections by state health inspectors. Every 3 months they send people to every store and give a rating.

The goal is to score 95 points or better.

Needless to say this inspection isn’t a walk in the park. There are so many items on the list, it can take hours.

So, how do they ensure that all of their stores score the highest marks?

They use texting.

Crazy right?

Every manager that works for Amannda subscribes to their texting campaign. She sets up a special Keyword just for the managers.

Once they sign up, they get a daily text from her.

You see, every day the managers must go through and check off more than 100 items… and they do this multiple times a day.

The text messages are used to remind them… as there are so many little things. Every day, the Texts draw their attention to one focus area, maybe thermometers, food storage containers, or cleaning supplies.

Better still, the text messages help newer managers learn all the 100 plus items through repetition.

As Amannda said, “It also helps to remind them how important all of these items are.

Every day for 100 days in a row, the managers get a new text. It’s a new message with something to check, or review. Then it starts all over again.

Creative right!

Now, I know what you’re thinking…

How Do You Send 100 Days Of Text Messages… Easily?

I bet you had a interesting thought… If this franchise manager is texting every manager every day… when does she have time to do other work?

Well, this is where Betwext comes in handy.

You see, Amannda doesn’t send a message every day.

What she did was write all 100 messages at one time, then they loaded them into the Betwext drip sequence (some people call it an auto responder). Then she hit the send button… and now every day the system automatically sends one of the messages to the managers.

But that’s not all.

What happens after 100 days?

The text messages start over again.

Yes – this is a never ending loop for these managers… keeping their stores clean and healthy is a daily priority… and so the messages start repeating.

This 100 day texting sequence has saved hundreds of hours of work.

But that’s not all… the drip sequence was set up in a way that he could easily edit the text messages to accommodate changes and updates! Surprisingly, this was something other Texting companies couldn’t do.

Betwext set this up as a custom feature for this Five Guys Franchise.

If you’d like it for your own account, just let us know!

Needless to say, Amannda is happy… and she’s had some great success with the managers keeping on top of the health audits! “We increased scores by over 3 points!”

I call that a success!

Why Amannda Uses Betwext.com

After hearing this amazing story, I asked Amannda how she found us.

She said, “I contacted 15 other texting companies. Those other texting companies couldn’t do what I needed… or, if they could, they were way too expensive. Betwext.com was the best solution.

She also said, “Betwext.com went above and beyond for us… Their support team is great!”

Finally she said, “I spent a lot of time trying to figure out how to improve the efficiency and effectiveness of my management team. Betwext, with their texting platform, has helped me motivate dozens of employees do their job better and with more confidence!

To learn more about FIVE GUYS, you can find them here… or here.

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