Texting Case Study: HS Mixers

June 27, 2017 Case Studies

This Small Business Scored a 50% Response Rate On Their Survey!

HS Mixers hosts dances for high school students in Northern California. They rent out venues and market their events to local high schools. They’re not affiliated with a school, and are open to anyone that can produce a current, valid, high school ID.

HS Mixers Texting Case Study

They hire professional DJ’s, provide non-alcoholic drinks and snacks… and provide other fun activities like ping pong, poker, and a photo booth stations… just to name a few.

The business idea was the brainchild of Ishan Sharma, and Raaghav “Rags” Minocha. These young men have turned a great idea into a thriving business.

Here’s how they do it!

Every event starts with promotions. They bring on ambassadors at the various schools nearby an event location.

The ambassadors promote the event, help with ticket sales, and get everyone excited for the party.

They also post the events to Facebook and Instagram, and have started testing some paid advertising.

Click here to see the HS Mixers Facebook Page

As part of the signup process, they require everyone to sign-up with contact information… and a phone number. Betwext is their text messaging platform of choice. At the time of signup they get permission to send text messages to their customers.

With hundreds of participants on their texting list Ishan and Rags are seeing the power of text message marketing.

hsmixers texting case study 03

We’ve only sent out two types of messages to our list,” said Ishan, “surveys, and event announcements!”

What’s staggering is the engagement rate they see from their messages.

“When we use Betwext to send a survey, we get response rates between 30% and 50%!” said Rags.

What a powerful way to connect with their customers.

Now that they are starting up with another cycle of events, they will be using Betwext to promote new events to past participants.

Another way this team is adding people to their marketing list is with signup forms on the website and Facebook page.

hsmixers texting 1

When asked why they chose Betwext, Rags said, “We liked the low texting cost, and customer service was amazing!”

Ishan added, “We started using Betwext in the summer of 2016. It was easy to setup and easy to send a message.”

We also liked the feature where you can individually reply to people!

Just to prove Betwext was easy to set up and use… nobody bothered to crack open the user’s guide… They just jumped in and started using the system!

The bottom line is, using a text messaging service like Betwext.com has helped HS Mixers better connect with attendees, increase engagement, and improve attendance at events.

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