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December 15, 2016 Inside Betwext

What You Need To Know About Betwext Pro…

Our last blog post was about month ago… and the reason we were silent for so long? We were working on the launch of the Betwext Pro system.

Betwext Pro is our answer to small businesses wanting to ramp their text message marketing more aggressively.

Betwext Pro - New Features

Betwext Pro is our way of adding advanced functionality for marketing professionals at every small business!

Betwext Pro is our way of providing top tier service to agencies who want to manage different client accounts.

We’re officially launching the Betwext Pro system and making it available to everyone. 

Now let me tell you a bit about Betwext Pro and how it’s different from our Gold and Silver Plans.

What Makes Betwext Pro Special…

At the heart of Betwext Pro is a new technology using an advanced long code number rotation technology.

It sounds fancy, so what’s it do?

It allows us to send messages from numerous long codes, speeding up delivery. Put it this way… if you want to fire out 500 or more messages at a time… this technology makes it even easier!

The technology also helps eliminate some carrier filtering issues – helping ensure text message delivery.

This is a huge breakthrough… but that’s not the only improvement we’ve made

Not by a long shot.

Now here’s a cool marketing feature… Birthday Rewards!

Ever want to give a customer a special gift on their birthday? Well, you can text your customers a birthday reward – it’s a cool feature built into the loyalty system!

Those are some of the big changes we’ve made to the Betwext Pro system…

We’ve also made hundreds of small improvements across the system including:

  • Simplifying number swaps
  • Enhancing auto responders
  • Improved one to many and one to one messaging
  • Made easy list import and export
  • Simplifying number selection
  • Better arranging keyword selection and use
  • Enhancing the scheduler system
  • Improved MMS delivery (so you can send pictures and video!)

All these improvements, yet the cost is still low, low, low…

Despite all of these improvements and changes to the system, we’ve managed to keep our texting prices CRAZY LOW.

As I write this, when you send an SMS (160 characters) message the LOW cost of just a penny/$0.01 and MMS messages $0.02 – $0.04! And we never ask for a contract… sign-up, use the system and cancel any time.

With all of these improvements, I’m sure you’re wondering…

Is Betwext Right For Me?

Ask yourself a few simple questions…

  • Am I an agency needing to manage multiple separate accounts? (Y/N?)
  • Am I regularly sending more than 500 text messages at a time? (Y/N?)
  • Do I need to send to send Birthday Rewards? (Y/N?)
  • Do I need advanced data on my customers and prospects? (Y/N?)

If you answered YES to any of the questions, I’d suggest giving Betwext a serious look.

At Betwext our texting service is still drop dead simple to use… and the performance of Text Message Marketing is off the charts!

If you are interested in signing up for a texting plan with Betwext.com please check us out!

What If I’m Just Getting Started With Mobile Marketing?

Remember SMS marketing is a very powerful tool that small businesses use to grow customer interaction and sales. It’s a cost effective way to communicate with your prospects, customers, VIPs, and employees! Try SMS Marketing today with Betwext.com.

The Ultimate Guide to Text Message Marketing

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To see a demo of the Betwext texting system, click here!

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