7 HUGE Marketing Changes Every Small Business Owner Must Expect In 2016…

January 11, 2016 Marketing

EDITORS NOTE:  This article has been updated!  Find the new article here: “The Future of Text Marketing!” 

We’re a whopping 11 days into the New Year and it’s already shaping up to be an exciting one!  After spending more than a decade running my own businesses and doing marketing for small businesses I see some big changes afoot.

If you run, own, or manage a small business, I’ve got no doubt you’re thinking intently on your marketing for the New Year.

You’re probably planing an event or two, trying to figure out how to change your offer, and maybe modify your prices.  You might be drafting new ads, or figuring your social media strategy.

Well, before you do any of that, I want you to consider these big changes I see in store for 2016… If you take these into consideration, you’ll be miles ahead of your completion.

So without further delay, here are my 7 Huge Marketing Predictions for 2016.

Prediction #1 The Marketing Industry WILL Consolidate!

This isn’t such a stretch.  Maybe you do marketing in-house, or use an external group for your making purposes.  It doesn’t matter.  You’re going to see major consolidation in the industry as the stronger marketers buy up their competitors, merge, and grow.


It all comes down to scales of economy.  It’s harder to manage social media marketing for 1 company than 10… and it’s harder to manage 10 than 100…  you just get more efficient at doing things.

The more customers these marketing businesses have, the more leverage they get.

It also gives them insider knowledge!

What do I mean by that?

With 100 marketing customers, you can test and modify offers, develop new marketing techniques, and try new advertising opportunities.

You’ll quickly  see what marketing drives ROI and which ones don’t.  That alone is incredibly valuable.  (That’s why I’m constantly meeting with and talking to other business owners and managers about marketing… and always testing my own ideas!)

This leads us to one area of marketing every consultant knows, uses and recommends… email marketing…

Prediction #2  Email open and conversion rates will continue to fall.

Ahhh… the good old days.

I remember when you could send an email and see a nearly instant response.  I remember when 30% and 40% open rates were standard… and when you sent an email offer, the cash would roll in the door.

Well, the good times are ending.

Email open rates are falling… as a matter of fact, if you have a 15% or 20% open rate, consider yourself in elite company.  I know too many email lists with a 1% or less open rate!


Customers are changing email addresses faster than they change their underwear.  Advanced screening tools are removing marketing emails before they are seen.  And, customers no longer value being on an email list… many see it as spam.

You can’t fight it… it’s like the tide… you can’t hold it back.

And that’s driving my next prediction…

Prediction #3  Competition for Customers will GROW and GROW.

Every day you’re facing an increasing challenge.  Selling your products and services is getting harder and harder… I don’t care if you’re selling specialized software, accounting services, or pizza slices… it’s getting more difficult.

You can thank the computer guys who developed customer targeting.

over 90% of text messages get read

Think about your Christmas shopping… did you think it was a coincidence the products you were looking to buy were suddenly appearing in ads all over the web?

You’ve been cookied, tracked, identified, pixeled, and cross referenced more than you will ever imagine!

This means you’re seeing ads delivered right to your phone, computer, or favorite web device based on who you are, where you’ve been, what you’ve seen, and even the time of day!

Savvy marketers are using advanced technology to approach their prospects and potential customers… and you should too!  If you’re not… get on it!

And that’s why my next prediction is so powerful…

Prediction #4 – Online Marketing will be just as important as Offline Marketing.

Because competition for customers is so intense… and because online tracking is growing so quickly… many brands are returning to “Old School” methods of Marketing.

Think flyers, phone calls, even direct mail… and God forbid – knocking on doors!

Everyone is looking to reach prospects in new and unique ways.  And if you can get your marketing message in front of your customer… as they’re thinking of buying… you win!

Not only is staying in contact with prospects important… but so is finding unique and new ways to reach them…

And that’s why my next prediction is so… predictable… 😉

Prediction #5 Text Message Marketing Will Skyrocket in Use!

Look, everyone texts.  Yes, everyone!  It’s the number one use for a mobile phone… more than phone calls!

That’s what the stats say.

Grandparents text grand kids, businesses confirm meetings, delivery companies text drop off confirmations.  Because text messages are so widely used and accepted, smart marketers are starting to give them a critical portion of their Marketing budget!

Consider this, Coke and Duncan Donuts both deployed text message marketing campaigns to promote products.  More and more Fortune 500 companies are using text marketing!

And… Small businesses – the early adopters at least – will do the same.

The simple act of collecting a phone number is now a key way to communicate with prospects and customers.  Text messaging can drive millions in sales… if done the right way!

This is why my next prediction isn’t such a stretch…

Prediction #6 – MMS Messages will grow faster than SMS messages.

OK… now we’re getting into the weeds.  This next prediction is a critical one.  I believe MMS messaging will grow faster than SMS messaging.

What’s the difference?

Well, it’s simple… SMS messages are text only (no images) and 160 characters or below.

With an MMS text message you can send a video, a graphic, a picture, and text…  You also get up to 600 characters… It’s like texting 2.0.

It’s texting on steroids…

Just as an example, one of our customers at Betwext.com used MMS messages to distribute photos during Fashion Week in New York.

They took photos from the runway, and texted the pictures to their network of followers… the response was through the roof.

Right now Betwext.com customers are testing video, graphics, and everything you can think of.

And this leads to my final Marketing prediction for 2016…

Prediction #7 – More Charities and Educational groups will use Texting for Communication AND Fundraising!

This prediction isn’t such a leap.  The numbers for last year guarantee a solid place in my 2016 predictions.

At Betwext.com we have charities, religious organizations, and educational groups signing up for text messaging services at a record pace.

Messages are sent with any of 100 different purposes… reminders of events, notices for changes in schedules, updates at conferences, arranging meet up times and locations, sending out inspirational messages, distributing prayer chains…

But wait there’s more…

Notifying students about homework assignments, passing out test information, marching bands are distributing music, non-profits are asking for donations, educational groups are distributing links for information and notes, conference speakers are using text message marketing to gather contact info and distribute information, bloggers are using texting to drive traffic to their posts!

The list goes on and on.

I’ve yet to find an organization that can’t benefit from the use of text message marketing.  But remember, I’m biased!

If you want to learn more about using text message marketing for your business, school, or non-profit organization visit our website. In the coming months we’ll dive deeper into many of these topics… so keep an eye out!

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