7 Facts About SMS Marketing

7 Facts About SMS Marketing

Are you looking for a Powerful Marketing Tool for your small business? We talk about 7 Facts that make SMS Marketing a powerful platform to generate extra income!

  1. SMS Marketing techniques are predicted to generate a 40% Growth rate of revenues by 2017.
  2. Looking for a great (ROI) Return on Investment? Text message marketing is cheap, easy and fast! You can start today as quickly as 10 Minutes!
  3. Remember, when using SMS Marketing it’s important to note Quality OVER Quantity! For example, “Coupon Giveaways monthly” a simple but powerful marketing plan!
  4. The future of marketing is here. Did you know 75% of the world is enabled to receive SMS texts? That’s roughly 5.5 Billion people… Not a bad target market size
  5. Local businesses benefit from SMS Marketing by easily creating valuable campaigns to increase sales and revenue!
  6. Mobile Growth is amazing did you know 90% of Adults in America own a cell phone!
  7. There’s a reason why big brand names are using SMS Marketing to captures customers attention! Not only is text message marketing easy to do it has amazing Return on Investment! (ROI)

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