Six Tough Text Message Marketing Questions

May 31, 2016 News & Press

I was wondering if you’d heard of Agents of Change?  Have you seen their website or their blog posts?

If not, check em out.

That’s a link to a podcast I recently did with Rich over at Agents of Change.

Rich has some really powerful business people on his podcasts.  And, he does a great job interviewing and talking about the business world.

Check out their site and some of the podcasts.  I guarantee you’ll find something useful for your business!

Anyway, the reason I’m telling you this…

As I mentioned, Rich asked me to do a short podcast talking about Mobile Marketing for small businesses – specifically Text Message Marketing.

In the interview, I give a number of answers to tough questions like:

  1. Should Text Message Marketing replace email marketing?

     2.   How did one Pizza restaurant added 30,000 numbers to their texting list?

     3.  How do you get people on your texting list – step by step?

     4.   Do businesses OWN the list they build?

     5.   What features texting systems must have to be useful?

     6.  And, How to track clicks in a text message?

Give it a listen, and check out the website… it’s a great resource.

Finally, If you’d like to listen to it right here…

Let me know if you found the interview helpful!

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