We’ve Added Eventbrite Importing!

November 2, 2010 Products and Features

It’s exactly as the title says – you can now import participants from any Eventbrite event that you are hosting into Betwext Broadcast (Now called Betwext)! Your subscribers will go through our usual scrubbing process, including removal of duplicates and extra info, so you don’t ever have to worry about keeping things clean and up to date.

Eventbrite plus Betwext

Importing is easy with a couple of quick steps to get started.

  1. You’ll need your Eventbrite API key, which you can find by visiting your Eventbrite Account settings and then clicking on “API User Key” in the sidebar (or click here if you’re logged in at eventbrite). Copy and paste the key into the Eventbrite API Key field in your Broadcast profile.
  2. When setting up your event(s) in Eventbrite, make sure to have the mobile phone number field in your form and set it to a required field – if you don’t do this, we can’t import your event subscribers!

After you’ve done all of this, click the “Eventbrite” link in the Subscribers section of your Broadcast account. You can choose what event to import from, as well as what list to add your new subscribers to.

And that is how you can do text message marketing with Eventbrite. Now get sending!

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