How a Tennis Tournament Director uses Text Message Marketing

October 28, 2019 Case Studies

How To Show “LOVE” With Text Message Marketing

We recently had a chance to sit down and talk with Francis Rajotte.  Francis is a Director of USTA tennis tournaments.  He has found a way to use text message marketing to help grow his small business.  

Francis manages tennis tournaments for both juniors and adults for the United States Tennis Association (USTA) in Southern Florida.  He’s been doing this for over 10 years.

There are lots of people who offer tennis tournaments but you have to be smart with your marketing to get a good draw.  With over 125 registered players for his tournaments, success is clear!

A key part of marketing for Francis is using to send out reminder texts to former players.  When players register, they give permission (opt in) to receive texts about the event.  

Remember, you should NEVER send unsolicited text messages!  Not only is it annoying, but it’s against the rules!

Francis is smart… for an upcoming tournament scheduled for Saturday, he will send out 2 or 3 reminder texts in the days before registration closes.  

Then he sends out another reminder text the day before the tournament.  

Francis has learned “marketing the right way will get you the players you need for successful tournaments!”

Francis is a former tennis player himself.  While in college he played at a level called futures, it’s like triple A in baseball.  He was already planning for his future back in his 20’s, he knew he was going to use his brain more than his body.  

Tennis talent runs in the family.  His daughter also plays tennis. So they are very familiar with tournaments and how to run them successfully.  As of right now managing tennis tournaments is a part time job but he knows it will continue to grow in importance.

Francis uses to stay in touch with former tournament players… and to let them know about upcoming tournaments.  He also sends reminder texts and tournament updates.  

Francis has only been using Betwext for a short time but already knows “text marketing does wonders!  Betwext is a simple platform that does exactly what I want”.

What’s up next? 

Using the keyword feature that Betwext offers.  The keyword feature allows users to setup a keyword, have customers text that keyword to your number, and that subscribes them to a specific list.  By segmenting your list you organize your customers in meaningful ways. 

“It’s exciting to think about growing my database!” said Francis.

Francis knows it’s expensive to advertise his tournaments, but as they grow he will make that money back… and more!  With the average cost to enter a tournament around $60, he can’t afford to waste his money. “Text marketing does add a small cost to my bottom line, but it’s a very worthwhile expense!”

Francis also uses email marketing for his tennis tournaments but, because of low engagement, he knew he needed to use texting  to grow. “These days if you are not using text message marketing you’re missing the boat” 

I asked Francis if he’d recommend Betwext to other business owners… “YES!” he replied emphatically!  “I would recommend Betwext!”  

He had questions when he signed up  but the customer service team helped out and got them all answered.  Francis now feels comfortable with texting, and knows he can use it to continue to grow his business.   “Overall it’s pretty easy – its really a no-brainer! You are missing out if you do not use this!” Text message marketing is a “small cost for high reward!” 

Text Message Marketing with  is SIMPLE, Inexpensive and EASY to schedule ahead of time to help YOU with your busy life.  

If you’d like to learn more about Francis Rajotte and his tennis tournaments please visit his Facebook page at:

Note: all case study participants received texting credit for their time.

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