How One Cutting Edge Marketing Agency is Using Text Messages to WOW Clients!

May 2, 2019 Case Studies

Recently we had the chance to sit down and talk to Yehudis from Harvesting Media about how they use Text Message Marketing… and specifically Betwext for their agency.  

Harvesting Media is a marketing agency in New York, who works closely with Supermarkets and restaurants.

We love talking with marketing agencies about texting… they always have great ideas.

Harvesting Media uses SMS and MMS marketing in a very creative way. . .  They take advantage of sending MMS messages (With graphics) to their clients.  Often the messages are special offers or even coupons.

What a great way to get a coupon… Who doesn’t love a coupon… I know I do!

When they started tracking their redemption rates, they were very pleased with the results.

Clearly texting is working for them!

Initially, they collected contact information – Email addresses on the in-store registrations – on an offer pad.  

They then asked everyone who signed up with their email to sign up for their texting list too.  So far, they’ve been able to add about 32% of the email list to their phone list too.

It’s a great way to increase customer interaction by connecting in different ways (email, social media, direct mail, and texting).  Harvesting Media is doing it right.

When we asked Yehudis what she would say to someone interested in text marketing, she said “Try it!  It’s so EASY! It’s a more personal way to reach out to customers.”

Often times their clients come to them with a special offer (once a week, or a few times a month) and they text the special offer out to the entire group.  Response rates have been great.

In addition to using texting to send coupons, they also use it for reviews and surveys.  “Betwext is a simple platform to use.”

One feature Harvesting Media was still working out was the use of Keywords.

Part of the idea of Keywords is to get someone to sign up for the list… (Don’t forget to tell them what they are signing up for and how often you text).  The Keywords will also let them segment their lists in an easy way.

For example they can segment by store location… or special offer… or even if they request specific coupons.

Use Texting to WOW Clients!

By using the Keywords feature, they also have the ability to set up an autoresponder… so every new signup automatically gets a welcome message and any special information they want.  

We asked Yehudis why she picked Betwext.  They found us on a google search… and they were looking for a simple and easy to use the system.  They found it with Betwext.

Specifically, they were looking for a few things.

First, a text marketing system with a shortcode option… Betwext has a dedicated shortcode you can buy!

They also wanted a system that can send SMS and MMS messages (Picture Messages).  Betwext offers that too!

Finally they were looking for a system that allows them to upload and segment their lists… Betwext has those features too!

I thought this was interesting, Yehudis mentioned that Text Marketing was now a CORE part of their offering.  As a Marketing agency, they’re not only helping with social media, email marketing, and paid offerings… they now include texting as part of every client’s marketing effort!

I was curious as Yehudis has several Betwext accounts… one for each client.  I asked how they pass along the cost… she said it was simple. “I like the way it’s set up, we pay the Betwext bill, and then pass the cost to our clients.”

If you’re running an agency, you could do the exact same thing… and mark up the cost of the service.  It’s an easy way to add some additional profit to the bottom line.

It’s exciting to see a cutting edge marketing agency use Text Marketing like this.  They are engaging with customers, getting great results, and loving every minute of it.

To learn more about Harvesting Media visit their website:

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