How to Use Text Message Marketing to Become More Healthy

June 28, 2020 Case Studies

We had an opportunity to connect with Sheri Brown, an Independent Wellness Partner with Amare Global.  We wanted to better understand how Sheri was using for her Text Message Marketing. 

“Betwext has saved me so much time!”

Amare Global, The Mental Wellness Company, is building success in the area of natural solutions for gut health that leads to optimized mental wellness.  

The Amare FundaMentals Pack is the world’s first award-winning gut-brain axis nutrition system earning the prestigious NurtrAward for the Best Finished Product in 2018.   In clinical trials, FundaMentals helped lower depression scores by 55%, fatigue by 64% and confusion by 43%. 

Sheri Brown has been with the Amare since day one as an Independent Wellness Partner, building and training field leaders.  

As a new user to Betwext she was kind enough to share her plans for using Text Message Marketing.  

Betwext has helped her communicate video training call times as well as share important, time sensitive, information.  “Betwext has saved me so much time!”  Sheri shared.

As you may know, Americans are spending more and more time on their smartphones.  

Text Messages Get READ!

As a result, an estimated 93% of text messages are read.  That is one of the biggest benefits of SMS Marketing… 

Text messages are read very quickly!  

As a matter of fact, SMS messages have a higher open rate than ALL other advertising options.  

Text Messages Get READ!

In the future, Sheri is looking to connect her CRM system to Betwext for effective sales marketing campaigns.  

She will continue to encourage her growing teams to use Betwext to build upon innovative ideas that help build community and connect.  

Currently, Sheri uses Keywords to segment her contacts into groups along with automating training call signups on Facebook.    

How to Use Text Message Marketing To Be More Healthy

Interestingly, Sheri had been trying other texting software providers… (I won’t share names to protect the guilty!)

She said their services were difficult to use and did not do what they promised.  “I spent hours loading all my data and NOTHING…” 

Even though she was new to text message marketing, she knew exactly what she needed and wanted out of a texting service.  

Unfortunately, she quickly discovered many other companies were not able to deliver what her growing business required.  

At the point of total frustration, Sheri went on the hunt for a new text message marketing platform.  

Betwext System Demo

A friend of hers recommended Betwext.  She watched our Betwext  DEMO video and was hooked! To see the  DEMO video click here.

Sheri said “Betwext’s customer support was amazing. I was able to call and talk to a REAL person.  I signed up and started texting in just a few minutes!”

Sheri is excited to use Betwext to share her Amare story.  “We all need help with better mental wellness, especially in this hour.” 

She went on to say that Amare helps both adults and children with mood and attention issues with a 100% money back guarantee.  Check it out at  

Sheri shared with me her own story of struggle with weight issues, focus issues and fatigue.  With Amare she has felt like she has gotten her life back and simply wants to help others do the same. 

_I signed up & started texting in just a FEW minutes!”

One way Sheri could use Betwext would be to set up a special Keyword… maybe something like “Health”.  

Then she can promote this keyword through email, direct mail, and online and offline advertising. 

 Any time a prospect texts the word “Health” to her texting number, Sheri can set up a drip campaign to send out educational information.  

This process can be set to run for a few days, or weeks on end… giving a prospect all the information and data they need.  

It’s a great way to pre-screen your prospects and educate your customers!

Would Sheri recommend  She said, “I absolutely would!”  

She was extremely excited about the great customer support she received.

As you can see, Sheri is using text messaging to communicate with her team in a unique way.  

We have a ton of other blog posts sharing how other customers use texting in their business. 

 To learn more about Text Message Marketing, and how other business owners use texting, check out the Betwext blog click here.  

To learn more about Sheri Brown or Amare Global please click here. 

Note: all case study participants received texting credit for their time.

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