Use Text Marketing to Get Elected… Even if You’re Not Donald Trump!

July 29, 2020 Case Studies

This last week, we sat down and talked with a couple of Betwext users who are using texting for different types of elections.

SMS Marketing is inexpensive, easy to use and incredibly effective!  

That’s why it’s so great for elections!

How to Use Text Messaging to Get Elected

No wonder it’s being used on the national and local stages!  Politics… you either love it or hate it.  But one thing is for sure. You cannot get away from it, it is everywhere! ‘Tis the season… right?!

Shannon is in the Greater Tahoe area in Northern California and they are using text messaging to communicate with their fellow HOA (Homeowners Association) members.  

Believe it or not, the HOA is using texting for a local HOA board election!

In addition to regular outreach, Shannon knows the secret to a successful campaign is to keep all messages short and to the point. 

People are always busy and appreciate brevity.

Copy of SMS Marketing is Cheap, Easy to Use, and Incredibly Effective!_2

Another secret to solid text marketing results is to use a strong Call to Action (CTA).  Calls to Action are all about telling your voters/customers what to do next.  

Trust me, Use a CTA every single time and your texting results will skyrocket!   

Shannon plans to send her text messages with a link.  The link goes right to the online voting website.  That way all HOA members know right where to go to vote!  

Talk about easy!  A simple message, vote for me.  Here’s why!  Now click the link to go to the website and VOTE!  It’s like shooting fish in a barrel.

Before signing up for Shannon and her team would use personal cell phones to text everyone.  Volunteers who would use their personal cells and take a few hundred numbers each to  send group messages.  

What a pain! 

Imagine the hours spent texting over and over again.

A Call To Action is What You Want Your Customer To DO Next

Believe it or not, even with all the help, they still only reached about 80% of the HOA members.  

Now with they reach 100% of their HOA members.  (At least everyone who has agreed to get a text message!)

Remember, NEVER text anyone who has not given you prior permission!

Consider this: If you’re not texting your supporters, what happens when your competition does?

Sending out text messages isn’t hard, complicated or expensive. There is no excuse NOT to start texting today! 

While Shannon and the HOA were fascinating to talk to, we also had the opportunity to talk with an up-and-coming politician!

We spoke to Andre Rajoo who is running for local Palm Beach County Jupiter Inlet District Commissioner in Florida.

What’s amazing here… Andre is the YOUNGEST candidate running in this election.

Now here’s a cool data point…  Andre, opened his account, uploaded his list and sent out his first text message campaign in less than 15 minutes!  

From sign up to first send in just 15 minutes… WOW!

We were highly impressed with the speed of this new user and wanted to dig into how he accomplished his first send so quickly!

Andre said “I found the Betwext system simple to use and very user friendly.”  We couldn’t agree more!

Andre said between him and his campaign manager they researched 14 different texting software companies. won out because of our low prices and our user friendly platform.

“Betwext’s customer service has been great! I emailed a question and had an answer in about 10 minutes.”  

His favorite feature is the IM Responses.  

“I really like the IM Responses, I can see everything from each person all nice and organized!”  It’s just like Instant Messaging on your computer!

This helps with his voter communication.  He always answers their questions, and is able to respond quickly.

What’s rare for a rising star… Andre gives everyone his personal mobile  phone number.   If they have questions they can call him and get their questions answered.  

He listens to everyone!  

He knows the importance of communication.  That’s why he chose Betwext.  He knows you can turn many people into supporters  with listening and good communication.

Andre’s education and background are in science and he’s currently working in a lab. 

He said the temperament, knowledge and patience they have in the science field would really help the political world.  

“Things don’t change overnight, we have to be patient and work for change.” Said Andre.  

As you can see, using SMS Marketing for political campaigns is a smart  decision.  You can send messages, and know your supporters will read them – Unlike the uncertainty of email.  If you really want to communicate with your supporters… or if you’re a business and want to communicate with your prospects and customers…  start Mobile Marketing with Betwext.

Remember, Text Messages have over a 90% read rate.  No other form of marketing comes close.

From local city elections to HOA board elections, Text Message Marketing is a very useful tool.

Note: all case study participants received texting credit for their time.

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