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July 5, 2016 Mobile Marketing

Seven Critical Components For The Best SMS Marketing Software?

Are you a small business owner looking for SMS Marketing Software? Then this is a must read article because I’m going to share with you SEVEN things to look for in your new SMS marketing software.

These are seven critical components you MUST HAVE…

One of the biggest mistakes you can make is starting off your SMS Marketing strategy by picking the wrong software.

If you choose the wrong SMS Marketing software, if it doesn’t have these 7 critical components, your life will be miserable. It will rain 24/7/365… you’ll be cold… hungry… wet… and spend the rest of your life wondering “What IF…”

OK, maybe I over exaggerate your misery a bit…

But, why be miserable when you can pick the best SMS Marketing system right off the bat?

Now I know what you’re thinking, “I’ve never done SMS Marketing before… how do I know what I need?”

Let me give you a helping hand. I’ve been involved in SMS Marketing for years… and I’ve talked to hundreds of business owners about marketing systems and software. I’ve learned what they like, and don’t like, what’s important, and what’s not!

That’s how I’ve identified these 7 critical components.

Before we jump in, let me disclose a bias up front… I don’t buy software anymore… and neither should you.

You see, years ago you’d buy a piece of software, pull out the CD and drop it into your computer. Then follow an hour long set-up and instillation process. You’d make a bunch of guesstimates on how to adjust the settings – or just use the default setting.

Then you’d pray it was set up right and hope the software works.

If not, you’re stuck in technical support hell for hours.

Then you get the joy of every few months doing a software upgrade… then once a year (or every other year) coughing up more money for the next “Version” of the software.

It was a pain.

But these day’s there’s an easier way… it’s called software as a service.

Instead of buying software and worrying about deployment, set-up, upgrades, changes, versions… You simply signup and start using the software online.

The company who built the software – they handle the deployment, set-up and all those pesky issues.

You get cutting edge software that works… and it will do what needs to be done. Best of all, you only pay for what you use! With most SMS Marketing software, you’ll pay a tiny monthly fee to use the best in class software…

It’s the best way to use software these days.

So enough about that software garbage. Let’s get to the heart of this article, let’s talk SMS Marking software features!

7 Critical Parts To SMS Marketing Software

OK, no more delays, here are the 7 critical SMS Marketing software components you must have.

1) You want SMS Marketing software that’s easy to set up and use.

This is a no brainier… if the system isn’t easy to set up and a use, you won’t use it. It’s a huge waste of time and resources when people buy software they don’t use. Check out the company support website, look at their FAQs, review demos. Often times software is so complex… there’s so many “Bells and Whistles”… that you get overwhelmed and just get frustrated! So when looking at software, keep it simple!

2) You want SMS Marketing software that gives you your own number – Don’t Share Short-codes.

OK, this gets a bit into the weeds, but here it is. There are two types of Text numbers… Short-codes (those 5 or 6 digit numbers for texting) and long codes (10 digit phone numbers). What’s the difference? I could discuss them of hours but here it is… Short-codes are VERY expensive – like thousands of dollars a month expensive. So, if you get one cheap – you are sharing it with other people. And you don’t know who those people are! Look, I’ll do a future article on this topic… but trust me, get a long code… and make sure you are the only one using it!

3) You want software that makes it easy to manage and segment customers.

This one shouldn’t take much thought… but surprisingly some systems make this very complicated. You want to separate VIP customers from prospects… and customers from Employees. You want to segment different lists – and send them different messages – this is basic! Make sure your software does it.

4) You want SMS Marketing software to personalize your message.

I want you to think about the last few personal text messages you sent. You probably sent off a text message and started it with the person’s name… guess what… when you market to prospects and customers, you want the option to put their name in the text. Not rocket science, it’s common sense. And It’s a feature you must have!

5) You want SMS Marketing software making it easy to send and schedule messages.

Once again, real world advice. If you do your own marketing, you probably don’t have tons of free time, hours and hours each day to do your marketing. The best marketers schedule their activities days and weeks in advance – and probably have a promotions calendar going out for months! Make sure your system will allow you to schedule your messages.

6) You want SMS Marketing software that’s optimized for both SMS and MMS messages.

Here we go… more big words. Or should I say small words with confusing meanings. Here’s a shortcut, SMS is text only with 160 characters. MMS is Multi-Media Messaging Service (you know pictures, videos, audio) and up to 300 characters. Look the future is TEXTING… but it’s going to change over time, and MMS is one of those changes that’s on the way. Make sure your software has the ability to do it!

7) You want SMS Marketing software that does more than just texting.

I know what you’re thinking… didn’t you say earlier that the software should keep it simple? YES – simple to use is important… but you but have the ability to implement advance features. For example, Loyalty Rewards are huge in marketing… If you’re not rewarding your best customers, you’re missing out. Some texting systems now offer loyalty rewards add on’s, allowing you to tie a rewards system to a mobile phone number! That’s just one of a dozen ways your texting system can add advanced features… more on that in a future article too!

Alright, I’ve droned on long enough.

Here’s the heart of the message. If you’re looking for SMS Marketing software for your business, make sure it has these 7 basic features, you’ll be glad you did! Make sure you check out

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