Text Message Marketing For 2016

January 4, 2016 Mobile Marketing

Happy New Year!

Happy NEW Year

Right now, every small business owner and manager is hitting the ground running.  There’s something about the New Year… the flip of the calendar… to create excitement and enthusiasm for business once again.

Many small business owners are setting goals, making plans, and starting to reach for the stars.

It’s exactly what small businesses need.

Right now is the time to embrace change.  You simply need to look for new business, new activities, and new technology to accelerate growth.  And I see text message marketing for 2016… or SMS marketing, or Mobile Marketing (whatever you want to call it) taking off.

Everywhere I turn I see new businesses using text message technology to reach consumers on their mobile phones.

  • The other day, a restaurant asked for my phone number to text me specials…
  • The radio station I listen to asked me to text a keyword to learn more about a deal…
  • The car wash texted me a car wash coupon…
  • Dentists are using text messages to remind patients of appointments…
  • Fitness trainers are sending motivational messages to inspire customers… and
  • Pizza places are texting about the latest special…
  • Teachers are texting students reminders of homework assignments…
  • Government organizations are using text messages for weather and other important alerts…

Why is text message marketing powerful?

Consider more than 90% of all text messages are read.  Compare that to a pathetic 10%-20% of email messages and the power is obvious

I could go on and on… but you don’t want to hear me blabber all day long!  Bottom line… The use of text message marketing is taking off, and if you’re not using it to reach your customers, don’t worry, your competitors will.

I’m Biased, but I think Betwext.com is the best text messaging service on the market.  

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