How To Use SMS Marketing To DOUBLE The Size Of Any Small Business!

October 24, 2018 SMS Message

Can You Use SMS Marketing to Grow Your Business?

SMS Marketing

If you own or manage a small business, you’re asking the same question over and over again.

The million dollar question is: “How do I grow my business?”

I know of three ways to grow a business…

  • You get new customers
  • You get current customers to spend more
  • You get all customers to buy more frequently
SMS Marketing

Three ways… that’s it.

You can search high and low to try and grow your business, but I guarantee you, all you need to do is focus on one of those three areas, and your business will grow by leaps and bounds.

Now, any smart business person will know, to get new customers, or get current customers to buy more, or more frequently, you’ve got to be advertising.

Advertising in today’s digital age isn’t something you SHOULD do… you MUST BE ADVERTISING.

Every day, Americans are inundated with advertisements… you see them on TV, you hear them on the radio, you read them online.

Heck, you’ll see ads on your smartphone!

If you’re not advertising, you’ve got one foot in the grave.  

But advertising isn’t a “set it and forget it” process.  You’ve got to do it the right way… and it takes time.

If I was given only one way to advertise, I’d pick SMS Marketing… also known as Mobile Marketing!



Think about it… most people have a cell phone… and many of those are smartphones.  Many people carry their cell phones with them 24/7. And the biggest use for cell phones – to send text messages!
Everyone knows how to text.  You text. Your customers text.  Everyone texts.

So why aren’t you communicating with customers and prospects via text?

Major brands are starting to wake up and use mobile marketing in their advertising strategy…

Take for example, Coca-Cola.

Coke!  The huge Fortune 100 Company uses SMS marketing.  Recent news said they’re allocating 70% of their mobile marketing budget to mobile messaging.

But they’re not alone.

Other major companies are using text messaging too.

For example Dunkin Donuts.

UMMM… donuts… I love donuts…  Sorry, let me wipe up the slobber.  
Yes, Dunkin Donuts is using SMS marketing too.  I read a case study where the donut chain wanted to get teenagers in Boston to try a new drink product.  

What did they do?

donut pic

They sent out thousands of text messages with a coupon.  A coupon was sent right to the phone of their target customer…

The result… Oh, a simple 21% increase in store traffic!

Can you believe that?  Store traffic jumped 21% but even better was customer engagement.  The company tracked their messages and found that 25% of customers SHARED the coupon with their friends.

Dunkin Donuts figured out how to get their customers to do marketing for them.

See, SMS Marketing is powerful…

So, let me share with you a case study from one of our own customers.

SMS Marketing Case Study

How created $1,400.00 in new business from just one text message…

“THE HERB LADY” Dr. Eshe Faizah, is an Herbalist, Organic Master Gardener, Herbal/Nutritional Counselor, Kinesiologist, and Author… and an AVID user.

Based in Atlanta GA, The Herb Lady provides Classes, seminars, and products to help her customers live a healthy life.


You can find her website at

She started using email, over 10 years ago, to communicate regularly with her customers, but discovered “People don’t read email messages any more!”

After searching the web, Eshe found Betwext and signed up right away.  

“I picked Betwext because it didn’t have a start-up fee or big monthly cost.”

Once signed up, She found accessing and using the system easy… Eshe didn’t even crack open the user’s guide!

Eshe started sending text messages on a regular basis to her list of customers.  Now, she sends a weekly message that goes out on Thursday or Friday. “I look at the money in, and how much I’ve made from the text message.”

One Happy Mother's Day text produced $1400 in orders

Eshe has a few hundred phone numbers in her database.  She adds customer contact info manually when customers request it… and by giving out her number at talks, seminars, and to customers who call in and order.

She sent a Happy Mother’s Day text to her list and was excited to report $1,400.00 in orders – just a few hours later.

I’d call that a successful SMS message!

Note: All case study customers received texting credit for their participation.

As you can see, mobile marketing is a powerful advertising platform.  Major players like Coke and Dunkin Donuts are using text messaging to grow their business.  And small business owners like Dr. Eshe Faizah are successfully using text message marketing too…

The question is, shouldn’t you be using it too?  

How To Double The Size Of Your Business Using SMS Marketing…

Like I said at the beginning, there are three ways – AND ONLY THREE WAYS – to grow your business.

  • You get new customers
  • You get current customers to spend more
  • You get all customers to buy more frequently

So, how can you double the size of your business using SMS Marketing?

Simply accelerate and grow the number of new customers, get current customers to spend more… or buy more frequently!

Let’s start with new customers.

When you run your advertising… ask prospects to connect over text!

It’s basic marketing 101… Capture the prospects contact information so you can follow-up with them over time.

Want some ideas of what to offer prospects to get them to sign up.

SMS Marketing

Here’s a great article where I outline 11 different offers you can use to get people to sign up!

Click here to read:  11 Easy Giveaways To Get Prospects Signing Up For Your Mobile Marketing List by the Hundreds!

Once you get prospects on your list you can market to them… tell them about your products and services… then sell them something!

Now you have more customers.

But that’s only part of the growth strategy.  

Now that you have more customers, you need to get them to spend more money… and buy more frequently.

This too can be accomplished with SMS marketing… if done in the right way.

Sometimes this is just a matter of educating your customer about different service offerings you provide.  

For example at Betwext, we have three different service plans.  

The upper tier plans offer certain features that you don’t get at the lower levels.  Simply by educating customers about these premium add-ons we’re able to move customers up – from lower level service plans.

I’m sure your business would benefit from educating customers about your offerings.  

Just remember to use a light touch.

Hitting someone over the head with an aggressive message never works, in my opinion.

Instead of creepy car salesman, think kindergarten teacher.  

Yes, teach your customers about your product offerings and features… let them make the realization your advanced products are perfect for them.  I’ve never found hard edged sales tactics to work.

SMS Marketing_front of mind

Now before I go, here’s one more tip.

Often times getting repeat orders is simply about being “front of mind” with your customer at exactly the right time.

Let me give you an example.  

Let’s say you run an Italian restaurant.  Well, you want your customers to come in more frequently.  So, most businesses would send out coupons that are good any day of the week.

This just makes your Fridays and Saturdays busier… but it doesn’t bring more customers on slow nights.

How do you change this?

Simple… if Tuesdays are slow, you start sending a message at 5:00 pm (on Tuesday) to your customers.  

Remind them that life is busy, and they don’t want to waste time cooking and doing dishes… encourage them to visit tonight for a great family meal.

You could combine this message with a discount, a coupon, an announcement of a special offer, even a run down of the night’s specials… anything to attract your customers attention.

Then don’t forget to include your contact number so customers can reach out and reserve a table.

Look at what you’ve done.

You’ve used SMS marketing to reach out to your customer base.  You’ve done it on the right day, and hit them up at the perfect time (when they’re thinking of getting the family dinner on the table).  AND – you’ve given them a reason to take immediate action.

This type of communication isn’t available with any other marketing medium.  

You can’t do this with Email, direct mail, TV advertising, or even Facebook posts.

The result is more customers in your door on slow nights.   And who wouldn’t love that?

Simply by implementing a number of these ideas in your business… you’ll quickly see your top line revenue grow… and before long, you’ll see your revenue double!

Ready to Start SMS Marketing For Your Business?

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Remember, sending SMS messages is a very powerful way to connect with prospects and customers.  Best of all, SMS marketing is cheap to use, easy to send, and incredibly effective! Get your own Betwext account here… and start growing your business!

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