Your Landing Page And Your Buyers

December 18, 2014 Tips, Tricks & Ideas

Today’s article discusses how your landing page can offer the most to your modalities. Here’s what they had to say,…Read More

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Eventbrite + Betwext


December 17, 2014 Products and Features

Check us out! CLICK HERERead More

Betwext Text Marketing

November 10, 2014 Products and Features

Try Betwext Today! Check Out the Betwext SMS Text Marketing Dashboard. Learn how to send your customer’s text message offers…Read More

Text Message Reminders are Good for Your Health, Study Says

September 11, 2014 Industry News

It should come as no surprise that individuals who are given reminders to take better care of their health, actually…Read More

Bride Uses Betwext Broadcast for Coordination of Wedding

September 5, 2014 Case Studies

Wedding planning is one of the most stressful jobs on the planet. From coordinating vendors, to rounding up the wedding…Read More

Big Updates and How They Will Make You Happy!

April 12, 2012 Products and Features

[2016-REDIRECTED page to] Springtime means we’re doing some cleaning around here, and we’re rolling out the new and improved…Read More

Happy 19th birthday, text messaging!

December 6, 2011 Industry News

This month marks the 19th birthday of the oh-so-popular SMS text message. According to Wikipedia, the first SMS text message was…Read More

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STOP Protocol and Regulations for SMS Marketing

November 28, 2011 Tips, Tricks & Ideas

An effective SMS marketing campaign is one that relays pertinent information to those who’ve elected to receive it. So what…Read More

Feature Spotlight: Seamless EventBrite Integration

November 14, 2011 Products and Features

Did you know you can import your attendees directly from EventBrite into Broadcast to start sending targeted, text message campaigns?…Read More

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How Smartphones are being used

Smartphone Usage by the Numbers: The Future of Digital Marketing

November 2, 2011 Industry News

According to the Pew Research Center, a new study was released taking a look at how users interact with their…Read More